Mar 152011

Yahoo Clues is a tool almost similar like Google Insights For Search. Yahoo Clues is analyzing how people are using Yahoo Search Engine. The biggest differences between Yahoo Clues and Google Insights for Search are demographic information and related details provided by Yahoo Clues. Demographic section provides information regarding age, gender or both views for the search term.

Yahoo Clues Beta

Yahoo Clues

Google Insights for Search

google insights for search results

Using Yahoo Clues will let you know the popular current search trends across the millions of Yahoo users. Therefore, you can discover and compare the trending for search terms on Yahoo. More Yahoo Clues information is categorized by income, location, related searches and search flow. However, the location is limited to US users only at the moment.

yahoo clues search results

There is an interesting feature called “Search Flow” which provides a list of most probable previous and next user searches across Yahoo Search. Therefore, you can get an idea on the next rising search terms in Yahoo Search. I think Yahoo Clues is good for business companies because you can target your buyers group based on the gender, age and income section.

Yahoo Clues Video

If you are still wondering what is Yahoo Clues, watch the below video to find it out.


If you are doing business in US market, I believe you will find Yahoo Clues useful because you know where to find your potential customers and only target to those selected US customers. In this way, you are not only selling more products but also save lots of advertising budgets in the long term. I hope Yahoo Clues will provide the same information for other countries in the future.

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