Jan 172010

January 4, 2010 marked a great achievement in human’s creation, the tallest skyscraper in our earth “Burj Dubai” was born on this day. I’m impressed to the architects who made the design of tallest tower in the world as it inspires wonder and delight to everyone. Kudos to all the builders and people who involved in building World Tallest Skyscraper – Burj Dubai. Your guys rocks!

So, how do you know that Burj Dubai is the tallest building in the world? Let’s see the below image to compare the Burj Khalifa with other previous world tallest buildings such as Taipei 101 and Petronas Twin Towers.

Know More About Burj Dubai Tower – The Highest Skyscraper In The World

Official name : Burj Khalifa Bin Zayed
Known as : Burj Dubai, Tower of Khalifa
Built Duration: 2004 till 2010
Cost : $4,100,000,000 or US$4.1 billion
Architect: Adrian Smith
Stories: 206
Height: 2,717 feet/ 828 meters
Developer: Ernaar Properties
Habitable Floors: 160
Groundbreaking: 21-9-2004
Opening: 4-1-2009
Underground parking spaces: 16000
Hotel in Burj Dubai: Armani-branded

To get more information about Burj Khalifa, please refer to wikipedia.

Let’s enjoy some great amazing Burj Khalifa pictures taken by various people who had visited Dubai.

Below are some beautiful Burj Dubai’s wallpapers to be shared with you. Enjoy download and use them on your desktop or laptop.

Download burj-dubai-tower wallpaper (1027x768)

  5 Responses to “World Tallest Building – Burj Dubai | Burj Dubai Tower”

  1. That’s a very tall building…. =)
    .-= blinkky´s last blog ..How To Speed Up Your Computer ? =-.

  2. @blinkky: That’s right. I heard that Saudi Arabia will build a building taller than Dubai tower in a few years time. Not sure it’s true or not? Let’s wait and see.

  3. Definitely would not want to live in the top of that building. I’ve heard it sways a lot in the wind, which would be unnerving.

    • @Casey: You’re right and it’s quite scary to live on the top of the building. Imagine that in emergency case and the lift is stop, and you need to walk down to the ground…That’s a torture…

  4. This is more than awesome, No building even is upto three parts of the burj!!

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