May 062011

Mother’s Day is one of the greatest day in a year. Everyone has a Mom who loves him/her and Mother sacrifices a lot to raise up us. Therefore, as an obedient child; you should not forget about your Mom especially on the coming Mother’s Day. Besides buying flowers and gift to your Mom, you can also express your love to Mom by having a dinner in the restaurant and let your Mom relax on Mother’s Day.

For those people who are not able to celebrate Mother’s Day with their Mom, please remember to send your sincere greeting to your lovely Mom especially on this Sunday (8 May 2011). I encourage you to send a touching Mother’s Day quote to your Mom via SMS or Email. However, the best way is call your Mom directly and talk to her how much you miss and love her. I believe your Mom will surprise and happy to have a son/daughter like you.

i love you mom

Below are some Mothers Day text messages that can be used as SMS or Mother’s Day greeting card. I Wish all Moms have a wonderful Mother’s Day.

1) You’ve been like a mother to me. This greeting could never fully say just how much you’ve always been like a mother to me! I wish you all the best today and every day! Happy Mother’s Day, with love!

2) Just for you, dear mother, from all of us. Because you’re a special part of our world and because you always mean so much, we wish you a world of happiness on Mother’s Day and always! Have a beautiful day.

3) Especially for you, dear mother, from the whole family. On Mother’s Day we’re thinking as we very often do, that we’re a lucky family to have a mom like you! We wish you every happiness and offer words of praise, but we could never thank you for all your thoughtful ways! Happy Mother’s Day!

4) Happy Mother’s Day, with love, from your daughter. On Mother’s Day, I thank you for the many special ways you’ve made such lovely memories of all my yesterday! Happy Mother’s Day, with love from your daughter.

5) Happy Mother’s Day to my dear stepmother. On special days like Mother’s Day words always seem too few, to say the loving things I feel for a stepmother like you! Happy Mother’s Day with love!

6) From your son, with love. Although I may not say it as often as I should, I know that of all the Mothers in the world, there couldn’t be one who’s as dear or more loved than you. I’m proud to be your son! Happy Mother’s Day!

7) Have a blessed Mother’s Day. This comes to you on Mother’s Day with a special prayer…May God bless you always mom, and keep you in His care! Happy Mother’s Day, with love!

8) Happy Mother’s Day to a very special Great Grandmother. So many times in so many ways, you’ve shared your love; so what better time than Mother’s Day to thank you for your many caring ways! Happy Mother’s Day, Great Grandmother.

9) Happy Mother’s Day from both of us. Because of the all the love you’ve added to our days, and every happy memory you’ve created, this brings a loving wish from both of us for a wonderful Mother’s Day! We love you, Mom!

10) Happy Mother’s Day to a wonderful new mom. Although as a mother you’re just a beginner, it isn’t too soon to prepare, for all of a child’s love you’ll now begin to share! Happy Mother’s Day!

11) Especially for you, with love, dear mother. Thank you for caring so much Mom. Have a beautiful Mother’s Day!

12) Special wishes for your 1st Mother’s Day. You’re thought about often all the year through, because it’s a pleasure remembering you. Because today is your first Mother’s Day, more good thoughts than ever are coming your way! Happy Mother’s Day! Happiness always.

13) To mother, with love, on Mother’s Day. Mother’s day is the perfect time to declare at least in part, warm thoughts that often go unsaid but fill my heart. So this note will tell you mom that you’re especially dear, you’re thought about with lots of love all times through the year. Enjoy!

14) Happy Mother’s Day. Though I don’t tell you as often as I should, I love you very much and hope you always know it! Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!

15) Happy Mother’s Day, dear sister-in-law. It’s easy to see that you’re dear to me as any sister-in-law could possibly be! Have a Happy Mother’s Day!

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