May 182009

A new “Answers To Questions” search engine – Wolfram Alpha went live to the public on 15th May 2009 (Friday). It had been said that Wolfram Alpha will be the biggest challenger to Google due to its unique revolutionay new search engine that provides “Answers To Questions” rather than clicking the link on the search engine websites.

What is Wolfram Alpha ?

Wolfram Alpha is a computational knowledge search engine which combines answers of search engine and an encyclopedia. Wolfram Alpha responds to search query directly and generate the answers instead of relevant information.

How Wolfram Alpha Works ?

In contrary to normal practice, the user no need to search through links provided by the search engine because the answers comes as soon as users type the word or phrase on its search bar.

Wolfram Alpha Search Engine Provides Answers Which Google Cannot

Wolfram Alpha is an ambitious entity that intend to create something that will stand as a major milestone of 21 st century intellectual achievement. Their long term goal is to make all systematic knowledge immediately computable and accessible to everyone.

Let’s Play With Wolfram Alpha Now

As you can see from the below images, I put “Malaysia” as search query and press Enter button. Within a few seconds, the search answers is displayed in one page as below:

All the answers are displayed in one page and you can get the further info by clicking the link provided. I’m quite excited to use this new knowledge-based search engine and I personally think it can attract many users from other search engine such as Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and etc…

Is Wolfram Alpha Ready To Challenge Google Yet ?

As of now, Wolfram Alpha search engine still having long way to go in adding more information into their databases if they aim to beat Google in the future. When I try to search some information using Wolfram Alpha, it will show “Wolfram Alpha isn’t sure what to do with your input”. Since this is their first debut, I will give them (WolframAlpha launch team) more time to prove that Wolfram Alpha is a “Google killer“.

To know more about the progress of Wolfram Alpha, please visit their blog at

What do you think about Wolfram Alpha ? Please share your opinion.

  13 Responses to “Wolfram Alpha Beats Google, Answers To Questions Search Engine”

  1. wolfram alpha looks complicated. I don’t think Wolfram Alpha can beat google =)

    blinkkys last blog post..Doodle 4 Google

  2. Looks nice but i have to agree with blickky that it does look bit “complicated”

    Salwas last blog post..Traffic Monday: How to Choose the Right Article Title for Your Article Topic

  3. It sure like a google killer if it’s as light weighted as google. :) Anyway, is this wolfram alpha some kind of semantic search engine? It sure sounds like a future search engine compare to lol :P

    Kit Kats last blog post..Twitter is more than just a social garbage dump

  4. @blinkky: As of now, I also don’t think it can beat Google. Google still my favorite. By the way, what makes Wolfram Alpha looks complicated? :)

    @Salwa: May I know which part makes Wolfram Alpha looks “complicated”?

    @Kit Kat: I agree with you and that’s why I love Google, Wolfram Alpha is a semantic search engine and in my opinion it performs more like Wikipedia.

  5. As for now, wikipedia is good enough for me :)

    Kit Kats last blog post..Twitter is more than just a social garbage dump

  6. It looks complicated compare to google. Google looks so simple. =)
    Maybe I’ll like Wolfram Alpha someday. I already bookmark it. Thanks for the info =)

  7. @Kit Kat: I hope Wolfram will improve themselves to become a better search engine in the future.

    @blinkky: Now I get what you meant. Google is simple, plain but powerful search engine. I love Google too. :)

  8. thanks for sharing this ..but i tried d..dunno infor accurate or not

  9. @imDavidLee: You’re welcome. I had tried to search some information and got the accurate answers. As you know, Wolfram Alpha is still very new and unable to search more specific information. But I believe one day it will deliver the better search result. :)

  10. Very nice search engine ;) I’m wondering how they will improve this search engine in the near future. Maybe it will succeed to google! and they will probably have a program like adsense to make some money ;)

    Benjamincips last blog post..Does a Marketplace Better Than ClickBank and PayDotCom exist?

  11. @Benjamincip: That’s a great idea of having a program similar with adsense for webmaster to make money online. At the same time, it will create another good opportunity for both advertisers and publishers.

  12. Hello from Russia!
    Can I quote a post in your blog with the link to you?

  13. @Polprav: Hi,you’re welcome to quote a post in your blog with the link to my blog. Thanks.

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