Dec 162010

Congratulation to Singaporean – Viveganandam Deveraj for winning The Biggest Loser Asia 2 (season 2) recently and won $USD 100,000 cash. The Biggest Loser Asia Season 2 was started airing on September 21, 2010 on Diva Universal.

winner of the biggest loser asia season 2

Earlier this year I had published a post regarding The Winner of The Biggest Loser Asia – David Gurnani who had successfully reduced his weight to 83KG from his initial 157KG. TBLA or The Biggest Loser Asia is a reality TV show which showcases how those overweight contestants challenge each other in order to win US$100,000 and title of The Biggest Loser Asia.

Final Result of Winners of The Biggest Loser Asia Season 1 and Season 2

Pre-Contest Weight Final Weight Total Weight Loss %
David Gurnani – TBLA Season 1 144KG 77KG 53%
Viveganandam Deveraj -TBLA Season 2 157KG 74KG 46.53%

In the Season 2 contest, there were total 16 contestants were chosen after an elimination challenge. Looking at these people’s achievement, I really respect them for their determination and hard work. It’s really not easy to lose so much weight in 3 months period but these amazing people did it and set up a good example for other overweight people who always think that it’s not possible to lose weight.


I enjoy watching The Biggest Loser Asia Reality Shows as it shows that even an ordinary people can do an extraordinary thing and achieve great success. So, if you are ready for The Biggest Loser Asia Season 3, just sign up the form here for season 3 auditions coming in 2011.

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