Mar 152016

Those little white bags that often come when you buy a new shoe, camera, or bag has lots of uses. We know it says you should throw it away but keeping some in a safe place won’t do you harm. In fact, we’ve actually found some pretty genius ways to use them.

1. Put some in your gym bag

By doing so, you can get rid of the nasty stink and prevent bacteria from growing in your bag. Sounds like a really good solution huh?

2. Save your wet gadget

Instead of burying your wet phone or any other gadget in a sack of rice when you accidentally dropped it in water, it was found that it’s better to put it in a Ziploc bag full of silica bags or any container that you can seal.

3. No more windshield fog

Having foggy windows when it’s raining can be a really challenging thing. You can’t afford to just let the fog on the window, but wiping it again and again can be bothersome and tricky. Good thing there’s silica gels. Just put some bags in your windshield and your problem is solved.

4. Extend your razor’s life

After using your razor, put it back in the container but make sure to stash some silica bags there to help your razor dry quickly. This will also help keep those rusts away, and save you some bucks for not having to replace it for a new one.

5. Bye smelly feet

Wearing shoes all day makes our feet perspire, and this sweat can lead to that nasty odor! To solve this, simply insert silica bags in your shoes after taking them off. The sweat will dry quicker and the odor will be gone. The silica gels gets rid of moisture therefore prohibiting bacterial growth.

These are just some of the very brilliant ways to use silica gels. These little crystals do not pose any serious health dangers, contrary to popular belief. So feel free to stock up on them. Just make sure they’re out of reach of children, we wouldn’t want them playing with it or worse putting it in their mouths.

Have fun solving everyday common problems with silica gels. Let us know in the comments below if you have more ways to use it. :-D

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