Oct 292010

Apple has already delayed their white iPhone 4 again for the second times until spring 2011 due to unforeseen manufacturing difficulties. In July 2010, we heard that Apple postponed White iPhone 4 until later this year and now delays to next year.

 white iphone 4

Why White iPhone 4 Delays?

 Those white iPhone 4 fans will have to wait again or forget about it at least for this year.  I was wondering what is causing iPhone 4 delays? Is it really manufacturing problems like what people said or iPhone 4 Antenna problems? I doubt that white casing of iPhone 4 is difficult to produce compares to Black one.

Here are some possible reasons that I think why White iPhone 4 Delays until next year for your reference.

1)      The devices of White iPhone 4 are more challenging to manufacturer such as making white glass.

2)      They want to fix some common black iPhone 4 problems such as antenna problem.

3)      Too much demand for Black iPhone 4 as of now. Therefore, they have to prioritize the pre-ordered black iPhone 4

4)      Apple wants to provide the best White iPhone 4 ever to the world and impress all the people.

5)      Apple has bigger plans about white iPhone 4 for next year and may generate more revenues for the company.

Well, these are some speculations and guessing which may not be true about the real situations of White iPhone 4 but I hope Apple will tell us in details why White iPhone 4 is delayed again.


For Malaysia White iPhone 4 fans, I guess you will get the white iPhone 4 after the spring of 2011 or later because there are so many people who had pre-ordered White iPhone 4. Do check out the Apple US Store for White iPhone 4 status.

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  1. maybe that will come out as a new line of iphone :)

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