May 092011

In this Internet era, everyone requires a faster broadband connection speed and affordable broadband packages. Before subscribing to any broadband plans, a smart user should know what they really need and understand the terms and conditions described behind the plan. This will help you to get the best value from the plan that you subscribed.

Today we will look at Maxis Postpaid Broadband packages and the monthly fees below:

maxis postpaid broadband plans

First of all, there are five types of broadband plans available (Lite, Swift, Power, Freedom and Ultimate). Each of the plans have 6 months commitment period but you can choose to waive it by an additional RM 100. So, if you are looking for a non-contract broadband plan and refuse to pay extra RM 100; Maxis broadband might not be your perfect choice.

The cheapest monthly fee is RM 48 for Maxis Broadband Plan Lite which offers 1.5GB of data volume and speeds up to 512Kbps. I believe 512Kbps is enough for a user who just surfing websites, check emails or performing online bank transactions. However, if you an avid steaming movie fans who frequently watch online movie videos, I suggest you to subscribe a broadband plan which offers uncapped speeds up to 7.2Mbps such as Maxis Power, Freedom or Ultimate plan. The Maxis Power plan is costing you RM 68 per month and giving 3GB data volume with faster speed (7.2 Mbps) to surf more and surf fast.

Can I really get constant 7.2 Mbps Speed connectivity as promised?

Well, Maxis cannot confirm that but the thing is, it will be on a best effort basis. Bear in mind that the speed connectivity depends on some factors as below:

1)      Modem capability

2)      Location

3)      Distance from communications towers

4)      Number of simultaneous users

Maxis Broadband Activation Fee

When you have finally decided to subscribe the Broadband plan, RM 100 upfront activation fee is charged with or without modem. For non-Malaysians, RM 300 deposit will be charged for the Broadband subscription under the same name.

If you are not satisfy with the broadband plan within 7 days upon activation, just return the modem and get the full RM 100 activation fee refund.

What if I have reached subscribed plan volume quota?

You are still able to use broadband connection but the speed will be throttled until the end of your billing cycle. However, if you wish to enjoy the same regular speeds, just purchase additional data quota at or call 1800-82-2000.

maxis additional quota purchase rates

Maxis Broadband Termination Fee

When you agreed to subscribe broadband service with 6 months commitment period but you discontinue it within the contract period. You will be fined for RM 100 termination fee but it will be waived after you returning the modem to Maxis again.

P/S: Maxis modem comes with a 1 year warranty.


I hope you have some brief ideas about the Maxis Broadband Plans now and if you are interested to subscribe it, check Maxis Broadband page for more details.

  3 Responses to “What You Need To Know About Maxis Postpaid Broadband Plans”

  1. Too bad that no uncapped bandwidth wireless broadband in Malaysia. Heavy user like me still need to stick with unlimited Streamyx.

    • @Jayce: That’s right. our broadband here still got bandwidth limitation and speed problem. If any of them can offer uncapped bandwidth, more people will subscribe the package. :)

  2. rugi do tiap2 minggu kne tolak rm2 sbb mtweeter.pdahal sye xbwt pape pon.blew nk stop,xbleh plak.cmne ni?

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