Apr 222009

Do you ever think of how fast your internet connection speed? or you just never think of it because you are comfortable with the current situation. I came across this online Internet Speed Test in the MSN Tech & Gadgets section this morning and think that it might be useful for some of you who doubt about the services rendered by your internet provider.

Internet Speed Test

Internet Speed Test

How To Use?

  1. It’s really simple. Just click Internet Speed Test to access the homepage.
  2. Enter your country’s area code. If you do not know what is your area code, go to countrycallingcode.com to find out.
  3. Choose your current connection type as provided (Dial-up modem, LAN/WAN, DSL/Cable)
  4. Press Test IT button. You will see the result in a short while. I had tested with my office PC and the result is showing as below.

Test Result With My Office Internet:

Final Result

Final Result

So, what is your Internet Speed result? Please share with me. :)

  6 Responses to “What Is Your Internet Speed, Online Internet Speed Test”

  1. Normally this kind of speed test just measure average speed value.Actually having different speed value during the connection.
    If can getting speed data such as Ponderated Speed,Median Speed or variation coefficient etc,then you will know the bottom neck of the internet connection and having adjustment of your system.

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  2. @Wongsk: Thanks for the info. The internet speed is changing frequently and depends to many internal/external factors. Therefore, it might not accurately represent your real internet speed value. If you know there are other better internet speed softwares, do share with me. Have a nice day.

  3. super

  4. In the internet world daily many download,Uploading are going.One want to download many things in a minutes means they want to increase the speed it depends upon the connection above article says that speed is important. First check the speed through the websites .I used the website http://www.ip-details.com.It’s speed checked very fast ,cost free also..

  5. @venkat20: Thanks for visiting my blog. Hope you enjoy the reading here.
    @RAJA: I tried the website mentioned by you and it’s quite nice as it can detect internet download & Upload speed. Thanks for the info. :)

  6. nice…………….

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