Dec 142009

Do you love to watch Star-Wars movie? Are you a star-wars big fan? Then have you seen the star wars movie episode IV – A New Hope? If you have not watch star wars episode IV and still lazy to watch it from Youtube or rent a DVD from DVD shop, then I would like to offer the free ticket to all Windows XP , Windows Vista and MAC users.


Now you can watch star wars movie episode IV – A New Hope from the command prompt. Yes, you heard it right; you can watch it now directly from your command prompt. It’s the original work in AScii created by Simon Jansen (

So, are you ready for the star wars movie now? Please sit back and get some drinks and popcorn maybe. For Windows XP users, you can follow the below steps.

1) Go to Start -> Run
2) Type cmd in the run box and press OK to open the command prompt windows.
3) In Command Prompt windows, type telnet and press enter button.
4) Done. Enjoy the Star-wars movie now.

For Windows Vista users, You need to enable Telnet setting first.
1) Go to Control Panel- >Programs->Turns Windows features on or off.
2) Check the box next to Telnet Client (not the telnet server).
3) Type in the telnet into the command prompt.

For MAC users, head on to Terminal and also type telnet


Do let me know if you enjoy the Star wars movie.Have fun!

  8 Responses to “Watch Star Wars Movie Using Command Prompt”

  1. The original Star Wars used models and very primitive AutoCAD and aircraft design software. The new movies used software that was designed specifically for Industrial Light and Magic.

  2. I wonder, how long does it takes to finish whole the movie =)
    .-= blinkky´s last blog ..How To Enable Gravatar On Your WordPress Blog ? =-.

  3. @birthday gifts: Thanks for the comment and seems like you are star wars hard-fan because you know very well about it.

    @blinkky: You’re right, I also wonder who got so much time to develop the whole star wars story using AScii command. Really amazing work.

  4. Very funny ma..
    .-= pemandu cute´s last blog ..Surprise =-.

  5. That’s awesome, really hard work done by creators. :)
    .-= Sahil Kotak´s last blog ..Why A Blogger Should Use Twitter? =-.

  6. seems easy. :)
    .-= enciktitan´s last blog ..6 Facts about Friendster Girls =-.

  7. Off topic a bit while watching it. We are not yet convert to IPv6?
    .-= Jayce´s last blog ..How to hack Facebook account profile =-.

  8. @pemandu cute: Thanks for visting this blog. Hope to see you more often here.:)

    @enciktitan: Hehe…Hope you enjoy the star wars movie for free.

    @sahil kotak: The creators of star wars using command prompt are really creative and thanks to them for providing us the entertainment.

    @Jayce: Haha…I believe in a few years time, we will move to IPv6 and may be we can watch the star wars in 3D mode from our computer. :)

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