Jul 062011

Do you know that you can actually watch free full length online movies on YouTube for free and legally?

Thanks to YouTube Movies for offering these great movies including Hollywood movies, Hong Kong movies and Bollywood Hindi movies as well. I also can find some famous actors movies such as Young Tiger starred by Jackie Chan and Return of the Tiger by Bruce Lee.

youtube movies

YouTube Movies team is adding lots of free movies or trailers frequently in various movie categories especially old movies which might not be able to find online anymore because no one upload these old movies anymore.

Let’s check out some free legal full length movies that you can watch right away from YouTube Movies section:

1)      Action & Adventure

Jackie Chan – Wheels On Meals

Bruce Lee – First of Fear Touch of Death

2)      Animation & Cartoons

Archon Defender

3)      Classics

The Life of Jesus

4)      Comedy

American Zombie

5)      Crime

Kwik Stop

6)      Documentary & Biography

Google Me

7)      Drama

Milk and Fashion

8)      Family

Dada Ji

9)      Horror

Zombie Wars

10)   Indian Cinema (Bollywood)

Isi Life Mein

11)   Mystery & Suspense

Rehearsal for Murder

12)   Romance

Life And Living It

13)   Science Fiction

Seven Angels in Eden


YouTube Movies is my free movies channel now where I can spend my free time to watch tons of new releases full length good quality (DVD equivalent) movies anytime from my PC.

  2 Responses to “Watch Full Length Online Movies Legally on YouTube for Free”

  1. I know this one, but when i went there i couldn’t find anything interesting…but maybe i don’t know old movies so well..

    Gotta check the zombie movies you listed though – what better than refreshing b horror movie ?

    • @Luke: Most of the movies in YouTube movies are old movies but got some classic movies too. Since it’s free and legal, I hope YouTube team will add more blockbuster movies for us in the future. :)

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