Feb 072011

Every couple knows that Valentine’s Day is the most important day of the year. Each couple is searching up and down to find the best Valentine Gift for him/her. Valentine’s Day is falling on the 14 of February each year. I hope you have figured out the perfect Valentine gifts for your loved ones in this special event.

happy valentine day 2011

If you are a guy who wants to give a Valentine’s present for your girl friend, please read the below Valentine’s guidelines before buying the Valentine’s gifts.

1)      Do not buy any food item with the words “diet”, “high fiber”, “light” on the label.

2)      Flowers are the best present but don’t buy from hospital’s gift shop or worse, mortuary’s.

3)      Any household appliance, power tool or other hardware from hardware shop unless your girlfriend really loves it.

4)      Don’t give a gift certificate or cash.

5)      Don’t buy the wrong size/brand of anything.

What You Should Not Do on Valentine’s Day

1)      Don’t leave your lover with your parent or pet on Valentine’s Day.

2)      Don’t tell your partner that you almost bought the perfect present.

3)      Don’t tell your girlfriend that you forgot to bring your wallet.

4)      I know you are trying to be romantic. But don’t give the same Valentine card you gave your lover last year.

5)      This is the worst scenario. An apologetic look and the words “Huh! Today is Valentine’s Day?”


Valentine’s Day is a lovely day for all the couples and it should be celebrated with full of love and happiness. No matter what Valentine’s gift that you are going to give to your lover give it with a sincere heart and I believe it’s the best Valentine’s gift of all. Happy Valentine’s Day to you.

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