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Tune Hotel is known as Best Value Hotels in Malaysia where you get a 5-star sleeping experience at a 1-star price. You can get a very low room rates when online booking via Sometimes, the offers can be as low as RM3 only. Tune Hotels are ideal for travelers who just need a good rest at night after going out travel for the whole day. Travelers can save a lot of expenses on hotel accommodation and still enjoying the same comfortable experience.

Currently, Tune Hotel has 10 hotel chains in Malaysia, Indonesia and London where 7 of Tune Hotels located within Malaysia, another 2 hotels in Indonesia and the latest one in London.  Each hotel has their internal hotel fees scheme and Tune Hotels also reveals their hotel fees details and hotel schedule information on its official website. Kindly refer to below table on Tune Hotel Fees and Schedule details.

Tune Hotel Fees Details

Fee Schedule Geographic Location of the Hotel
United Kingdom
Service Tax 5% 10%
Service Charge 10%
VAT 17.50%
Upkeep and Maintenance Charge 32,000 + Service Tax
Admin Fee 10.90 + Service Tax 32,000 + Service Tax
Cancellation Fee 30 85,000 + Service Tax 10
Name Change Fee 30 85,000 + Service Tax 10
Call centre booking fee 10 + Service Tax 32,000 + Service Tax 3 †
Luggage storage 2 per luggage per day ** 7000 per day ** 2 per luggage per day
Credit card processing fee 1.95 (waived for Visa Electron)

** Luggage Storage for more than a day is only limited to guests who have a confirmed return booking. Storage period is limited to a maximum of 2weeks.

† Applicable to bookings made for any UK properties done via the Indonesia or Malaysia Call centre

Tune Hotel Schedule Details

Geographic Location of the Hotel
Malaysia Indonesia United Kingdom
Check- In Time 2.00 pm onwards 2.00 pm onwards 3.00 pm onwards
Check-Out Time 10.00 am sharp 10.00 am sharp 10.00 am sharp
Call centre contact details +603-79625888
Mon – Fri 9am-9pm excluding public holidays
+6221 56970060
Mon – Fri 9am – 9pm excluding public holidays
Early Check-In 11.00 am onwards
Late Check-Out 1.00 pm sharp
Housekeeping frequency for occupied room Daily ** Daily ** Every 3 days (ie if check-in on Monday, next cleaning is on Thurs)*

Let’s watch Tune Hotel’s Room on Youtube:

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