Aug 122009

Do you use any memory card for storage purpose? How big the memory card capacity that you are using right now? For me, my camera is using SD card with 1GB capacity. Between, I still got some small storage thumb drive and SD memory cards which were 32MB (TwinMos), 512MB (Kingston), 128Mb (SD card)

Do you know how big is the world biggest capacity memory card? According to Toshiba – Japanese computer and electronics manufacturer, their company will start selling world largest capacity memory card to the public in year 2010. The size that I’m talking about is 16GB memory card, 32GB memory card and 64GB memory card. Kindly refer to the below SD cards provided by Toshiba.

At first, I was thinking that who needs such a gigantic capacity memory card which even bigger than my old desktop hard disk which only provides 40GB size capacity. However, when I think over again, I realize that it actually good for those people who usually require bigger storage capacity for them to save pictures, games, movies and songs.

This gigantic 64 gigabyte (GB) SD memory card is categorized under new SDXC (Secure Digital Extended Capacity) standard of memory cards. SDXC standard was defined by the SD Association in April and applies to memory cards from 32GB up to 2 terabyte (TB). As mentioned by Toshiba, SDXC cards will provide faster transfer and read-write speeds to the users. Therefore, these high capacity memory cards can transfer the date at high speeds to personal computer.

So, will you buy one of them to replace your current SD memory card?

  9 Responses to “Toshiba Memory Card | 64GB SD Memory Card”

  1. Maybe I should look at this.. thanks for recommendation! =)

  2. @MonsterBuzz: You’re welcome. Let us know if you got chance to buy one of them. :)

  3. I will buy these when my new camera need it. Having 133x 8GB CF right now. :)

  4. @Jayce: Wow, 8GB storage size is big enough for me to take lots of pictures. I’ll buy these giant size memory cards if their prices are inexpensive.

  5. I don’t have a camera now. Maybe I’ll need this when I buy one. =)

  6. @Jacob: You sure will buy one of them because their capacity are huge and fast in transfer. Let us know if you happen to buy one. :)

  7. Sure, the time will come :)

  8. Sounds interesting, I already have a lot of SD card for my Camera, but who knows maybe I’ll need it… I’ll check if they don’t have better capacity card in Japan as well lol who knows?

  9. @Benjamincip: I’m sure other SD Card manufacturer in Japan will rush to build the big capacity SD memory card if it becomes popular.Then we’ll have more choices. :)

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