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Do you know that a good domain name can sell for million dollars? Recently, Sex.com was sold for $13 million cash in 2010. Escom was its previous domain owner which reportedly bought the Sex.Com for $14 million in 2006. Although Sex.Com is not the most expensive domain name ever sold in the history but it sure remains as the most valued domain name in the world.

Top 5 Most Expensive Domain Names in the World

How to Sell Domain Names with Expensive Price?

Well, not every domain name can sell for a lot of money. There must be some reasons that contribute to its high selling price. The main reason is because of the simple domain name. A simple short brandable domain name such as beer.com or diamond.com will be sold with huge profits because everyone knows about it and will come directly to the website without searching from Search Engine.

Most of the high prices domains names are only consist of one word and usually the .com domain is the most popular domain that attracted most potential buyers.

Below are the top 5 most expensive domain names ever sold in the world.

1)      Insure.com – sold for $16 million in 2009

insure.com homepage

2)      Sex.com – sold for $13 million in 2010

3)      Fund.com – sold for $9.99 million in 2008

fund.com homepage

4)      Porn.com – sold for $9.5 million in 2007

5)      Business.com – sold for $7.5 million in 1999

business.com homepage


If you find out there’s other domain name that sold for lots of money and even higher than the above list, kindly let us know and we will update the above list.

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  1. why no thumbnail for 2 and 4? :P

    • @Ken: Haha..Thanks for reminder…Both domains are too popular for most Internet male users and I actually don’t want to promote them. :)

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