Jun 172011

According to the research done by iOS developer Daniel Amitay, the top 10 most common iPhone passcodes used by iPhone users were:

1)      1234

2)      0000

3)      2580

4)      1111

5)      5555

6)      5683

7)      0852

8)      2222

9)      1212

10)   1998

It was an interesting research where the developer added a feature into his iPhone application – Big Brother Camera Security to trace anonymously 4 digit passcodes to unlock the app. Since the iPhone passcode requires 4 digits as well, he assumed that above passcodes were the most common passcodes for iPhone users. Whether the statistic truth or not, iPhone users should avoid to use all these common passcodes to protect personal information and privacy.

top common used passwords

Now let’s talk about the most common used internet passwords by internet users. In January 2011, Imperva had released a report to identify the most commonly used passwords. The most popular used internet password was 123456 which also identical with the top most common used iPhone passcode – 1234.

Kindly refer to the below top 30 most commonly used internet passwords:

1)      123456

2)      12345

3)      123456789

4)      Password

5)      Iloveyou

6)      Princess

7)      Rockyou

8)      1234567

9)      12345678

10)   Abc123

11)   Nicole

12)   Daniel

13)   Babygirl

14)   Monkey

15)   Jessica

16)   Lovely

17)   Michael

18)   Ashley

19)   654321

20)   Qwerty

21)   Iloveu

22)   Michelle

23)   111111

24)   0

25)   Tigger

26)   Password1

27)   Sunshine

28)   Chocolate

29)   Anthony

30)   Angel


I still wondering why many people like to choose these easy to guess passwords as hackers can simply breach into your internet accounts and stealing all important personal information. Anyway, I hope you will take serious about the common passwords you are using right now and change them to strong passwords.

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