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Nowadays, laptop is becoming popular among the individual and business people. Therefore, we also notice there’s a lot of laptop theft cases happened around the world. When laptop is stolen, the important information especially business details and financial information will be exposed to other people and causing the loss to the business.

There are Top 10 Laptop Security Tips To Prevent Laptop Theft which guide you how to protect your laptop in secure condition especially when you are on the road.

Top 10 Laptop Security Tips

Top 10 Tips To Prevent Laptop Theft

1) Don’t Leave Your Laptop In The Car
Always be remembered to bring your laptop with you whenever you are on the plane, train or car. It’s more safety that you can lock the laptop when you are not using it.

2) Don’t Leave Your Laptop in Hotel Room
Hotel Room is not a safe place for you to leave your precious laptop because too many things were missing in the hotel room. However, if you really have to leave the laptop in the room, put the “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door.

3) Keep Your Eyes On Laptop
Sometimes we are too careless and thought that airport area is safe. But the actual fact is not because airport normally crowded with people and the thief can easily steal the laptop from your trolley. Therefore, hold your bag until you have entered the plane.

4) Get a Laptop Security Cable To Lock Your Laptop
In a time when you have to leave your laptop in hotel room or hotel desk, use a laptop security cable to lock your laptop to a heavy desk or chair. In this way, it makes your laptop looks more security and not easy to be stolen.

5) Use a Screen Guard
Get a LCD Monitor Privacy Screens for your notebook or laptop. It’s good to be used when you are using a laptop at public area and still wanting to keep the data securely. The Screen Guard will prevent other people from trying to peek over your screen.

6) Do Not Put Your Laptop On The Floor
Sometimes, people tend to forget everything when they leave their things on the floor. Try to put your laptop between your feet so you will not forget about it. It’s simple, right?

7) Encrypt Your Data To Keep Data Securely
Encryption is able to provide you another level of files protection. You can purchase a document encryption software or using a free Encryption Software to safe guard your files. Therefore, when someone even a hacker wants to access your important documents also cannot decrypt the document password easily.

8) Use Computer Bags Sure Get Attentions from Thief
That’s true, don’t tell me when you see a person who carry the computer bag, you still cannot guessing what is in the computer bag (Laptop). Try to put your laptop inside a normal bag or suitcase in order not to attract the attention from others.

9) Never put your Password in your computer bag
I bet you don’t want to give the laptop and password together to the thief if your laptop happened to be stolen. Always keep your laptop password in your wallet or somewhere except your laptop casing. Without your password, it’s quite difficult for thief to access your privacy information and files.

10) No Place Is Safe
You need to change your mindset by assuming that your laptop is precious and worth a thousand dollar. When you have that kind of thinking, I believe you will carefully treat it well and won’t let the thief to take it away from you. Always believe the golden rule that “No Place Is Safe” but we can prevent it from happening.

Laptop is small, useful and loved by most of the thieves. By learning Top 10 laptop security tips above, I truly believe that it can minimize the laptop theft incidents.

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