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According to Forbes Asia (June edition 2010), Malaysia’s 40 richest people have a total fortune worth around $51 billion, up from $36 billion a year ago. Do you know who the top 10 Malaysia richest people are and what are their main businesses? I have compiled a table for Malaysia Top 10 richest people for your easy reference.

Ranking Name Worth (Billion) Age Business Photo
1 Robert Kuok 12 86 Diversified robert_kuok
2 Ananda Krishnan 8.1 72 Telecom ananda_krishnan
3 Lee Shin Cheng 4.6 71 Palm Oil Lee Shin Cheng
4 Lee Kim Hua 3.9 81 Gaming Lee Kim Hua
5 Quek Leng Chan 3.85 69 Diversified Quek Leng Chan
6 Teh Hong Piow 3.8 80 Banking Teh Hong Piow
7 Yeoh Tiong Lay 2.5 80 Diversified Yeoh Tiong Lay
8 Syed Mokhtar AlBukhary 1.7 58 Diversified Syed Mokhtar AlBukhary
9 Vincent Tan 1.6 58 Diversified Vincent Tan
10 Tiong Hiew King 1.2 75 Timber Tiong Hiew King
Total: $ 43.25

Interesting Fact about Malaysia Top 10 Richest people

1)      The total fortune of Malaysia 10 Richest people is $ 43.25 billion and around half of it belongs to Robert Kuok ($12 billion) and Ananda Krishnan ($8.1 billion).

2)      These 10 richest people in Malaysia are the only billionaires in Malaysia because the 11th richest person in Malaysia is worth $660 million.


Robert Kuok and Ananda Krishnan are still retaining their status as the Malaysia’s richest men for many years. So, who will be the next richest person in Malaysia next year?

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  1. hopefully me? haha..fat hopes.. =P

  2. vincent tan maybe at higher position if the gov did allowed bidding during world cup

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