Oct 202009

With Halloween just around the corner, I�m all up for whatever movies I can have my hands on for the night. Forget the costume parties, trick or treating, just a fright night with the movies. So here I give you: Top 10 Halloween Zombie movies you must watch! In no particular order, here they are:

1. Zombieland

2. Shaun of the Dead

I like this much better than Zombieland. From an ordinary guy with a boring job, arises a hero of monster slayer (http://www.wchingya.com/2008/10/movie-spree-4-4.html) , what�s not to like?

3. Dawn of the Dead

A group of people traps in a shopping mall surrounded by man-eating zombies while trying to get out, sounds good.

4. Resident Evil

My favorite among the 3 episodes. Alice fights through the mutated flesh eating creatures with a military unit, after the supercomputer seals off all entrances and exits. Wonder which is scarier, the zombies or the computer?

5. 28 Days Later

Poor guy, he wakes up from coma after 28 days later, only to discover the most dreadful news � London is inhabited by nothing but zombies!!

6. Quarantine

Did you watch the Blair Witch project? Similarity is having the story told by a TV reporter and her colleague with a handheld camera, trying to stay alive with the remaining �sane� residents in an infected LA apartment. Sealed off completely from outside world – no electricity and communication access.

7. Planet Terror

How many times you get to see Bruce Willis in a zombie flick? A fine horror by Robert Rodriguez! The flesh eating mutated creatures are on the loose, thanks to a bio-nerve gas leak from military base. So if you�re into some sexy dancing girls, explosive scenes with blood-thirsty-zombies-killing-spree, be my guest.

8. Land of the Dead

Basically, the story is about a world that�s full of zombies with little survivors, barricaded themselves inside a city protected from the dead. The heroes will have to stop the zombies from breaking in and deal with the evil, wealthy Dennis Hopper.

9. Day of the Dead

Instead of the original �85 flick, I actually liked this version better. A lot of mixed reviews but the effects are great. Thanks to the writer of Final Destination, this movie has picked up a lot of gruesome, bloody scenes.

10. Night of the living dead

After all the advanced CGIs, let�s give tribute to the legendary zombie movie in the 60s. Honestly I have yet to watch this but getting a 8.0/10 rating is pretty awesome.


So, after watching the series of selected Zombie Trailers, which one makes you frightening the most? If you had watched some other zombie films which are not mentioned above, don’ t forget to leave your comment here.

Happy Halloween Day to everyone.

  6 Responses to “Top 10 Halloween Zombie Movies | Halloween Movies”

  1. I never know that Bruce Willis has done a zombie movie. I’m going to rent one on DVD.
    .-= Diabetis´s last blog ..Owen Mumford AJ 1300 Autoject 2 Injection Aid =-.

  2. @Diabetis: You’re right. I bet most of us knew him because of his famous movies ~ Die Hard. Who knows he also starred in Zombie movie. Do let me know the feedback after you watch the movie. :)

  3. Wooo… So many zombies. Just like the game that I play. Kill all of them or ran for your life. :)
    .-= Jayce´s last blog ..Download Canon Digital Photo Professional DPP =-.

  4. @Jayce: I love to kill zombies in the games. :) But, in real life, if zombies really exist, I guess no human will survive anymore.

  5. Great list. I’m happy to say I’ve seen some of these, hadn’t heard of a few but they look like good entertainment. You can’t get much out of a horror film that doesn’t scare you.
    .-= Anne Lyken-Garner´s last blog ..A Brief Look At My Book on Saving =-.

  6. @Anne Lyken-Garner: Thanks for visiting and glad to see you here. So far, these zombies films were the best, horror and scary that I had watched. If I found other good zombie movies, I will add to the list as well. :)

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