Sep 252010

Now Digi iPhone Malaysia had announced their newest iPhone 4 price plans. While looking for the latest Digi iPhone 4 at Digi website, I came across the Top 10 FREE Apps recommended by Digi iPhone. Please refer to the below list of 10 Free iPhone Games Applications that might interesting and fun to play. Since all these iPhone Games are free, it is no harm to install them and have fun with the iPhone Free games. For more information on Digi iPhone Free Apps details, please visit Digi iPhone Apps website.

digi top 10 free iphone apps

Top 10 Free iPhone Apps (iPhone Games)

iPhone Apps Features Screen Shots Release Date
Find the Difference In a race against time, spot the differences between two photo graphs to advance to the next level. You’ll also enjoy a variety of gorgeous photos to keep you entertained.

iphone games-find the difference

Doodle Fly Blast yourself to outer space with propeller beanies, springboards, rockets, planes and clouds. Watch your skyrocket too, as your elevation and distance increases with each new gadget!

doodle fly

Doodle Kart Lite Fire pencils to attack your opponent’s car or just enlarge yours to run them over! It’s all part of the fun while racing your Doodle Kart in this unique and fun driving game!

doodle kart lite

Hellkid Free The aim of the game is to collect human souls to complete your quest to become human. This awesome 2D side scrolling platform game has 12 levels and contains more than 50 patterns to master!

hellkid free

Monkey Flight Send monkeys flying to grab as many fruits as you can, while avoiding dirty mud pools, rocks and other obstacles. Be careful, or you might end up as a flea picker instead of King of the Jungle

monkey flight

Simon Classic Watch as the buttons light up and play sounds, then repeat the sequence yourself. After each sequence, Simon will add a new button to the sequence. So, how far can your memory take you?

simon classic

Snake The classic game of controlling a snake as it travels around your garden and collects hearts is now even more addictive with new game modes and control options.

Summer Games Lite Tap to speed up, jump, hold and release your way to winning the javelin throw, or the 100 meter and 1500 meter races. Simple controls, simple graphics and a sports simulation that’s simply fun!

summer games lite

Tap Fish What fish to grow? Which to sell and which to breed? These are just a few of the questions you’ll be considering when playing Tap Fish!


Zombie Farm Plant , grow, burying and harvest zombies In this funky app. Upgrade your farm size, grow 15 types of zombies, invade your neighbour’s barn and brag about it all in your Facebook!

zombie farm


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