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After reviewing and testing Google Nexus S for more than a week, I officially announce that I’m in love with Nexus S especially the Android Market. For your info, Android Market is developed by Google for Android devices and it allows you to browse and download apps from it. There were tons of applications, games and widgets available on Android Market. Even without a PC, I can easily browse, download and install any applications to Gingerbread Android Nexus S phone.

android market

Now with over 200,000 apps in Android Market, it’s quite difficult to choose which app is the best. Therefore, I’ve installed tons of Android apps to test on their stability, usability and capabilities. This post will only cover Android applications and not Android Games as you can read that in my previous post – Top 9 Android Games for Your Best Gaming Experience with Google Nexus S. With that said, I’ve rounded up the top 10 best FREE Android apps that had given me the best user experience in managing my daily tasks. All the below apps are tested and used by myself personally and all the opinions are just for your reference.

1)      Astrid


Astrid is my favourite to-do list app and I can rely on it to finish my scheduled tasks as planned. Astrid can also sync with your calendar and whenever there’s a deadline, the notification will appear on the top taskbar and also in an additional encouragement words in reminder such as “Stop procrastinating and just get it done!” to get you motivated. Nice app! Also known as ‘Android’s Simple Task Recording Dashboard’, Astrid makes it simple to keep things on track and your life organized.

2)      Advanced Task Killer Free

advanced task killer free

Advanced Task Killer is a Task Manager for Google Nexus S because it helps me to stop/kill unwanted applications from running in the background. Why? Because these unused apps may eaten up your phone memory and drag down the speed. Without Advanced Task Killer app, I have to go through these settings for each app just to stop it: Settings –> Applications –> Manage Applications –> Select the app –> Force Stop. Time consuming? You bet it is. So Advanced Task Killer just made it all simple for me, un-tick the app and it’s done! Easy huh!

advanced task killer twitter conversation

However, recently while I had some twitter discussion with other bloggers, @Roslan_Nazri mentioned that any task killer app will use your phone memory although it’s not much. @taylorling mentioned that if the task killer doesn’t actively run in your phone, then it should be fine. Therefore, the best way is to close the Task Killer app after using it to save phone memory. J

3)      Mini Info

mini info

Smartphone like Nexus S is a super-mini PC and there’s a lot of information and settings I need to keep track, such as battery life status, memory, Internal storage size, Wifi, GPS, Volume, Screen Brightness, volume control and CPU usage. I have no way to check all these info manually and I found that Mini Info Android app is a simple but informative system info widget for the task. Since I have Mini Info on Nexus S, I can easily change any settings and keep track of battery life + other system info at once!

4)   & 5) Facebook & Twitter

facebook twitter android apps

I keep these two together for they work similarly for social networking. I think most of you have Facebook or Twitter accounts to stay connected with your friends and family members. Facebook and Twitter for Android let you chat and share updates with your friends, getting real-time updates from other people around the world, exactly how you normally do on your PC. These two Android apps are the most wanted apps for those people who just can’t live without Facebook or Twitter!

6)      AVG Antivirus

avg antivirus

Antivirus program is a must for extra protection against viruses, malware and spyware! In order to protect Google Nexus S Smartphone from unauthorized apps which contain mobile viruses from the Internet, I decided to install AVG Antivirus Free. Avg Anti-virus Free will scan any apps, games, media contents, SMS and websites in real time before downloading to your mobile device. Whenever there’s a threat found, just a single click and the virus can be removed.

7)      Easy Uninstaller

easy uninstaller

This is a simple and nice Android app to uninstall any apps for Android phones. I personally love the batch uninstall feature where you can put a check to multiple apps and then click “Uninstall Selected Apps” to finish the job.

8)      HistoryEraser

history eraser

I always wanted to keep Google Nexus S clean from browsing histories and call logs. The reason why I want to keep it as clean as possible is because I don’t want other people to trace my stored call log, search and browser history.

HistoryEraser Android app provides a simple user interface to erase history data in Nexus device. Let’s see what are the features been provided by this handy app:

Clear Android Market search suggestions.
Clear Maps search suggestions.
Clear Gmail search suggestions.
Clear Youtube search suggestions (Assist).
Clear Google Earth search suggestions.
Clear call logs.
Clear frequently called contacts status.
Clear Standard Browser Histories.
Clear Quick searches (Assist).

9)      RealPlayer Beta


RealPlayer Beta, in my opinion can be a highly recommended media player for everyone! RealPlayer Beta has helped me to organize all my media files in one spot for easy viewing, and this includes video clips, songs and photos (slideshows)! So I can easily make my pick and entertain myself with the selected media files without having to ran-sacking them from one app to another. It’s good to be in control of all my digital media files in one place. Perfect!

10)   Wifi Manager

wifi manager

WiFi Manager is a great helper when it comes to managing your Wi-Fi connection. It helps to find the closest, strongest Wi-Fi signals around the area and connect to it easily. You can switch between the available WiFi connections with a single tap after examining the signal level. This will be particularly useful for any Free-WiFi zones nearby that you wish to connect to.


In only two weeks I was able to enjoy the above Android Apps with full satisfaction! They helped me to stay productive, get things done in time and most importantly, made me realize that by being mobile isn’t bad at all! I have had a whole new perspective about mobile devices like Nexus S and it could really make my life a little bit more exciting than a regular desktop PC. You gotta try it to believe it!

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  1. Awesome apps you have shared, waiting for more new stuff, best of luck.

  2. As stated sooooo many times, anti-virus software is totally unnecessary on Android.

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