Apr 292010

What Is TM Net Streamx?
I believe most of the Malaysian will know about TM Net or commonly known as Streamyx. TM Net Streamyx is a high-speed broadband Internet Access service which also the solely dominant fixed line broadband provider in Malaysia. Streamyx provides ‘always on‘ or ‘always connected‘ connection to the internet with speed from 384K up to 4Mbps. With higher speed of bandwidth, Streamxy is ideal to support various web applications such as web hosting, video streaming, e-commerce and so on. The first Streamyx broadband service was launched in April 2001 at speeds of 384kbps and in June 2007, TMNET had launched the fastest available speed which is 4mbps.

Streamyx Standard Package Options
As we know, Streamyx provides a few standard packages such as Streamyx 384kbps, Streamyx 512kbps, Streamyx 1.0Mbps, Streamyx 2.0Mbps and Streamyx 4.0Mbps. The monthly price for standard Streamyx packages are higher than Streamyx Combo or Streamyx Blockbuster. For example:
If you subscribe Streamyx 384kbps, you will need to pay RM20 for 10hours usage. Then 5 sen per minute. It does not come with free modem and you still need to pay for monthly fixed line rental fees. Therefore, you have to pay more if you online for a long period. Please refer to the below table to compare Tmnet Streamyx standard Packages and Streamyx Latest Promotion – Streamyx Blockbuster.

Streamyx Standard Packages Charges

How To Get Unlimited Broadband Access But Still Enjoying Affordable Fixed Rate?

Streamyx Latest Promotion - Blockbuster Deals
Here, I would like to introduce you a great promotion called Streamyx BlockBuster where you can get Free Wifi Modem, Free Dect Phone, Free Activation(Save RM75) and Free Installation(Save RM88). Blockbuster Deals is a package which offers 24/7 broadband service with FREE wireless modem which enables mobility at home, and Free Dect Phone. Customers also enjoy Free calls natiowide and lowerst call rates to mobile via Voice Deals Plan. Before Streamyx BlockBuster promo, it used to be called Streamyx Combo where you can enjoy a cheaper rate of RM60 fixed monthly charges ( No monthly fixed line rental fees – RM26). Therefore, you will save some money in a long term.

What You Should Know About Tmnet Streamyx BlockBuster, Streamyx Combo:

1) The minimum subscription of Blockbuster Packages is 12 months (1 Year) from the date of installation.
2) For new TM Homeline customer, you will be charged the following one time charges: (i) Deposit – RM75, (ii) Internal Wiring – (RM 30-50)
3) You will be charged RM 350 administrative fee if you terminate the service within minimum subscription period (1Year)
4) The warranty for DECT Phone and ADSL modem are 1 year. If you sign-up the basic combo package (384kbps), you will only get wired modem. Only the subscription starting from Streamyx BlockBuster combo 512kbps will get wireless modem.
5) Streamyx Blockbuster package is specially designed for home use and not for company use.
5) Read Streamy Blockbuster FAQ here.

Please refer to the below table to choose the best Blockbuster deal for your home use and save your broadband charges.

Streamyx BlockBuster Price Features
For more information, please visit TMNet Streamyx Homepage to look for more promotions.


I personally think that Tmnet Streamyx Latest Promotion – Streamyx Blockbuster is a value Internet Service to us because we can save more money by waiving the monthly fixed line rental charges. At the same time, it shows that TM Net is concerning about public and willing to offer some great value deal to community.

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  1. everyone wants fast broadband internet these days, i got some 5 mbps connection at home.–.

  2. i interested on combo package, pls call me 012-3583345

  3. Will I enjoy unlimited usage of internet at a fixed rate if i apply?

  4. Hi, if there are more than 3 laptops connecting thru wifi at same time, does it weaken reception signal?

    Can desktop pc operate on wifi? currently we are using a manual dial up using modem.


    • @Anna: You’re right. More laptops connecting to wifi at the same time will share the wifi connection and weaken the speed of Internet. Desktop PC can connect to wifi only if you purchase and install a USB Wifi Adapter to your PC desktop.

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