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People nowadays spend a lot of time online to do daily tasks such as online banking transactions, online chatting via Instant Messaging, Facebook and other online activities. Therefore we have so many passwords to remember.

Sometimes we are just too lazy to think of online password security, thus we used the same username and weak passwords for each online entry. For your info, there’re hackers out there who used high technology called “Brute Force Attacks” to guess your passwords. It will run all possible combinations of passwords until it finds your password. Therefore, you ought to use strong and difficult passwords to prevent such disaster from happening.


How to Create Strong Password?

1)      Make sure the minimum password characters at least 8 or longer.

2)      Combinations of password should include lowercase, uppercase, numbers, letters and typographic signs such as #, @.

3)      Don’t use any words that appear on dictionaries or common words that other people knows about you such as your name, family name.

4)      Each website should have unique password to minimize the risk.

5)      Don’t tell your password to anyone.

6)      Don’t write your password on a piece of paper

How to Remember Strong Passwords?

I know it is not an easy task for you to create each different password for each website. However, you can practice to use an easy techniques to produce the strong passwords and hard to crack by hackers. For example, use a full sentence as a hint of your passwords and you can take the first letter or last letter of each word.

Hacker can use BLACK Methods to guess our password in 30 minutes

If we use the first letter of each word, the final password is HcuBMtgopi30m. Or if you take the last letter of each word, the password will become rneKsosrdn03s. You can always put extra typographic signs such as # or @ in the middle of password to enhance the password security. The next time if you want to remember the passwords, just remember the sentence that you had created.

Option 2: Use Password Manager to keep and manage your passwords securely

Actually, I’m using the option 2 to manage all my passwords because I don’t think I can remember all my passwords even with full sentence. There are some free password manager software available in the web but I prefer to use KeePass password manager to store all my passwords. KeePass is a free password manager program which I can rely on because of its reliability and better password security. I will be sharing more details about KeePass password manager in the future post.

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  1. i used to have very simple passwords…
    but now i changed all.. haha =)

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