Feb 012016

Win free tickets

Summer time is almost here and the season for vacation and getaways is already waving at us. That’s why airlines are coming up with all the kind of promotions they can think of to lure in travelers who want to go out of town for cheap. If you’re like us who desires to go to places but don’t want to break the bank, then you’ll be very happy with the news we have for you today.

Tiket2 Indonesia is running an ongoing contest where you’ll get the chance to win a FREE plane ticket to your favorite destination! Yes, you heard it right and you heard it here first. We repeat, you might win a FREE ticket to a place of your choice!

Here’s what you gotta do. First is to log in your social media accounts. Go to this link and scroll down until you see the social media buttons. Click your preferred social media platform, like maybe Twitter. This will prompt a new window. In this window, you must insert this text “I want to go to (put in the name of your favorite destination) with #Tiket2Indonesia” and then click share link. Be careful not to delete the pre-inserted text in the status before tweeting it or else it won’t be counted.

That’s it. You’re now officially a part of the contest and can now pray and hope to win a ticket every moment of the day.

To learn who won the contest, submit your email address in the space just above the social media buttons so you’ll receive a mail containing the names of the winner. If you see your name in the list, please contact the sender as they do not contact the winners to personally let them know that they’ve w0n.


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