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In Malaysia, we have AirAsia.com as Malaysia Budget Airlines. In Singapore, Tiger Airways or Tiger Airlines is considering as Singapore budget Airlines. In fact, Tiger Airways is Singapore’s biggest low cost airline and second biggest airline in Singapore.

Tiger Airways Homepage

Recently, Tiger Airways Airlines has received 2 airlines awards from Changi Airport which are Top Airline by Growth in Passenger Carriage and Top 10 passenger Carriage Award for the fifth years. Tiger Airways is as famous as AirAsia because of their lower fares compare to other Airline providers.

Tiger Airways Latest 2010 Promotion

Tiger Airways is promoting the “Tiger Raw” International fares from various destinations such as Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Kuching.  This promotion is the lowest single air fare specially provided by Tiger Airways Singapore and fully inclusive of all taxes and charges. However, you must purchase international fares online using a Diners Club International card to enjoy the extra low air fares.  If you are using other types of electronic payment, you will be charged RM 13.50 per person.

 Tiger Raw International Fares

Tiger Airways Discount Deal


According to Tiger Airways website, booking period of the air tickets are between 15 July 2010 till 21 July 2010. Therefore, grab the lowest air fares now at Tiger Airways.

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  1. @Thristhan: Hi, it’s too bad nobody paying me for this write up. :) I wrote this on my own interest and hope more people can get the best deal on air fares.

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