Nov 262009

Since the new Windows 7 launched, there has been many websites written about Windows 7 Keyboard Shortcut Keys. Indeed, in order to ease your tasks, you are encourage to know some of the useful keyboard shortcut keys to perform better jobs as they are faster than using mouse. Since Windows 7 is the product by […]

Nov 082009

Microsoft Windows 7 topped Microsoft Vista in consumer retail sales by 234% within the first few days of Windows 7 launching. In addition, Microsoft also offered all buyers with special offer such as free upgrade from Windows Vista for those who bought a PC after June 26, 2009. Do you know that Windows 7 now […]

Nov 032009

As we know, Microsoft Windows 7 has been released to the worldwide in October 2009. Suddenly, one question pops in my head, “Are all the Free antivirus and Antispyware software compatible with Windows 7?” I guess most of us as home PC users love to use free software. However, you need to have the right […]

Oct 282009

On Oct 22, 2009, Microsoft Windows 7 had been released globally and launched in Malaysia the next day. As we know, Microsoft Windows 7 is a better alternative compare to Microsoft Vista in terms of system hardware requirement. Microsoft Vista consumes lots of system memory and require higher hardware requirement. Is it possible to Switch […]

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