Apr 232011

Using PhotoFunia to create a funny photo effect is pretty easy and fun. PhotoFunia.com is offering more than 100 different FREE cool photo effects for you to choose. Photo Funia is using high-tech face recognition technology to automatically identify the face in photo. Therefore, just upload your photo and let PhotoFunia turns your photo into […]

Dec 132010

People love to create funny photos to be shared with other friends. There are many free online photo effects which enable you to create cool photo effects such as PhotoFunia and Photo505. Since the Christmas day is coming soon, I would like to showcase some funny Christmas Photo effects so that you can try it […]

Jul 122010

PhotoFunia is an online photo editing tool that enhance your photo experience. When you select a Photo Funia template, just upload any photo and PhotoFunia technology will automatically identify your face and fix it perfectly into your selected PhotoFunia template. Therefore, you will have really cool PhotoFunia effects and funny photo montages. You can either […]

May 052010

PhotoFunia is always creating new photo funia effects to satisfy the needs of PhotoFunia’s fans. There are plenty of special photo effects that can create through Photo Funia.com. If you are looking to create a funny photo effects online, just use Photofunia as it is an online image editing tool and easy to use. You […]

Jan 302010

PhotoFunia is a free online photo editing website that launched in 2007 and free to be used by everyone. PhotoFunia contains more than 100 cool photo effects for you to choose, you just need to upload any photo after selecting the photo effect and PhotoFunia.com will create the funny pictures for you. I have been using […]

Oct 262009

Photofunia is an online photo editor which automatically identify your face and create funny face photos. I had mentioned about photofunia.com in my previous posts and today I would like to showcase some newly added photo effects which may amaze you with their artificial intelligent face tracking technic. 1) PhotoFunia-brad pitt (bodybuilder) 2) PhotoFunia-brad pitt […]

Mar 202009

Today, I would like to share with you one of the nice photo effect website where you can embed your photo into the templates provided by PhotoFunia.Com. PhotoFunia is fun and easy to use online photo effects, the only thing you need to provide is your photo. It is recommended that you use pasport photo […]

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