Oct 022015

Snapchat is a big social media site where people upload their selfies and get the option to put a caption on it. And just recently, it released a huge update! If you like taking selfies and do not have Snapchat’s mobile app yet, please download it ASAP. This app gives you a number of different […]

Apr 162012

Pixiz is an online free photo editor which provides more than 800 photo effects such as funny effect, border effect, calendar effect and magazine covers effect. Pixiz uses face detection technology same as PhotoFunia to automatically identify human faces to match the face-in-hole effects. Pixiz also comes with a built-in frame creator and Photo Collage […]

Mar 202012

Deefunia.com is a free online photo editor website that helps people to create funny photos from their own photos. You can easily create a funny photo with your photo using its readymade templates. You also can share the photos with friends. Below are simple steps to create funny photo via Deefunia.com Step 1: Choose your […]

Aug 152010

Picasa is Free Photo Editor software which is categorized as free Google software. Picasa software is acquired by Google in 2004 and supports Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Linux and Mac OS X as well.   The latest version is Picasa3 and I’m amazed by its powerful functionalities as a free photo editor and […]

Aug 142010

Photo!Editor version 1.1 is a free but powerful Photo Editing software. Today I would like to show you how to sharpen photo or fix blurry photos.  Photo Editor has a new feature called “Deblur”. The meaning of deblur is to sharpen blurry images. The deblur tool uses an advanced method to improve blurred pictures. As […]

Aug 092010

I had introduced the easy free photo enhancement software called Photo! Editor and I want to guide you how to fix red eye effect on the photos using Photo Editor Software. Firstly, I will demonstrate using a sample of red eye photo as below: Now, launch the Photo Editor program and open the red eye […]

Aug 082010

Today, I would like to introduce another great photo enhancement feature called Make Up tool. We have learn that Photo Editor program has various photo enhancement features such as Deblur tool, Caricature tool, Lighting and other photo tools which can easily transform a normal photo into a professional photo. Make Up Tool As usual, launch […]

Aug 012010

Sometimes, we want to add some lighting effects on our photos so they look more artistic and more attractive. Again, I will use Photo Editor Software to perform the task.  There is a Lighting Effects tool to help you easily apply special lighting effects on photos. Step 1: Launch the Photo! Editor program and open […]

Jul 282010

Sometimes we need to resize or enlarge our image size for different purposes. For example, I need a smaller size photo to suit my resume letter without losing the image quality. I know we can do it with PhotoShop but don’t we have other alternative such as free photo editor software to perform the task? […]

Jul 192010

Pho.to is an online Photo Enhancement and Presentation Platform which can enhance your photos in many way for free. I love the free photo enhancement software because I can use it very easily without learning PhotoShop software and share my photos online easily as well. Pho.to or Photo Editor Enhancement website offers various free automatic […]

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