Nov 182009

Who says students cannot use “MSN Messenger” and “Twitter” in the classroom now? The students even used their mobile phones to tweets or chatting with other friends on MSN Messenger. I know you will say “No way, Man. I don’t believe in you. Where got such a nice school in this world? Even at my […]

Nov 082009

Microsoft Windows 7 topped Microsoft Vista in consumer retail sales by 234% within the first few days of Windows 7 launching. In addition, Microsoft also offered all buyers with special offer such as free upgrade from Windows Vista for those who bought a PC after June 26, 2009. Do you know that Windows 7 now […]

Jun 122009

Important notice from MSN Encarta – Online Encyclopedia, Dictionary, Atlas, and Homework: On October 31, 2009, MSN Encarta websites worldwide will be discontinued except of Encarta Japan which will be discontinued on December 31, 2009. On the other hand, Microsoft will stop to sell Microsoft Student and Encarta Premium software products worldwide by June 2009. […]

Jun 042009

Microsoft Office is an office suite products created by Microsoft ( Worldwide leader in software, services and solutions). Microsoft Office consists of different useful applications to help people and businesses in completing various activities. In fact, Microsoft Office is the most widely recognized software suite in the world. Earlier in 1989, the first version of […]

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