May 092011

In this Internet era, everyone requires a faster broadband connection speed and affordable broadband packages. Before subscribing to any broadband plans, a smart user should know what they really need and understand the terms and conditions described behind the plan. This will help you to get the best value from the plan that you subscribed. […]

Apr 022011

You know how we always been told by others that mobile apps are not made for gaming. If you are into high quality graphical performances in a game app, the high consumption of processing power and memory will drag the whole operation system down. In result, you will be annoyed by lagging and delays that […]

Feb 202011

[Update 6 July 2012: Kindly refer to the last screenshot to view the latest comparison between DG Smart Plan – 68 with other telcos plans.] Do you own a Smartphone such as Blackberry, HTC, Nokia or Samsung Galaxy? You might be still searching for the best smartphone deals on the market or you have already […]

Aug 132010

Although the latest iPhone 4 has not arrive in Malaysia, the two existing iPhone 3G telecommunication providers aka Digi and Maxis are offering lower iPhone monthly fee to their iPhone customers. For iDigi Price plan, the iDigi 88 now has reduced the monthly fee from RM88 to RM60, iDigi 138 from RM 138 to RM90 […]

Mar 042010

Digi Malaysia will start selling Apple iPhone series in Malaysia, the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS for DIGI customer before mid of the year 2010. Digi Malaysia is one of the top mobile communication company in Malaysia and become the second local cellular company to sell iPhone 3G in Malaysia after Maxis Malaysia. For your […]

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