Aug 042010

Actually, I just upgraded my WordPress from version 2.9.2 to WordPress 3.0 last few weeks although WordPress 3.0 had been released on 17 June 2010. I usually don’t rush to upgrade to the latest version of WordPress unless there are major bugs in old WordPress version.  For your info, WordPress version 3.0 has been downloaded […]

Jun 202010

I hope you are aware of latest WordPress 3.0 released to the public recently and WordPress 3.0 is the 13th major release of WordPress which involved 218 contributors. Great Features and Enhancements of WordPress 3.0 1) Around 1217 bug had been identified and fixed. 2) Bulk updates enable you to upgrade 15 plugins at once […]

Oct 232009

As I wrote this post, I had just upgraded this blog to the newest WordPress version – 2.8.5 and the process was quite smooth without any hassle. Before I continue to guide you how to easily upgrade WordPress in 3 simple steps, I would like to highlight about some new features of WordPress version 2.8.5. […]

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