Nov 132009

Recently, besides watching Heroes Season 4, my brother introduced me a new science fiction series by ABC called Flash Forward. I just watched the Season 1 Episode 1 and can’t stop to watch the next episode. Below is the Flash Forward synopsis and if you haven’t watch the series yet, please don’t read the below […]

Nov 012009

Before reading the review of heroes season 4 episode 7 – Strange Attractors, I have to warn you that this review is just my own opinions after watching the Heroes show. If you haven’t watch the heroes Episode 7 – Strange Attractors,then please don’t read this Heroes Season4 review as it is considered spoilers. In […]

Oct 312009

Heroes season 4 is airing on NBC Network now. Do you watch Heroes (TV Series) From Season 1 till Season 4? I have been watching Heroes Season 1 and Season 2.I love to watch Heroes Episodes same as I love to watch Prison Break. I did not watch the full episodes of Heroes Season 3 […]

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