Nov 102010

Currently, all Online Search Engine websites are only showing text in their search results. Now Google has rolled out Google Instant Preview which will show you the snapshot of the website complete with all the contents of website including text and graphics. When you click on the Instant Preview snapshot, Google brings you to the […]

Oct 132010

Google Instant is a new search technology provided by Google last September. Google instant will predict the search terms that user typed and showing the relevant results in a second. The real-time search results are useful to most internet users as it saves our time and effort to find search results. If you are still […]

Sep 122010

Google Instant is the newest Google technology that enable internet users to find their search results faster and getting more relevant contents. If you are still have no clue about what is Google Instant, kindly refer to my previous Google Instant post. There are a lot of benefits by using Google Instant Search. To get […]

Sep 092010

Google Instant was officially announced in San Francisco on September 8, 2010 by Marissa mayer, Google’s Vice President of search and user experience. What is Google Instant? Google Instant Search is the latest Google technology to speed up web searches using Google auto-complete feature. When a user types any letter in the Google search box, […]

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