Mar 132011

Sometimes, we used to work in the office or home until very late at night. Can you imagine that you need to write and send emails to your clients or friends when you are not in a very sober situation? You might be typing the wrong words, using the improper grammars or impolite wordings without […]

Feb 022011

In the previous post, we have discussed about Gmail default keyboard shortcuts which are time-saver for Gmail users who does not want to use mouse but merely using keyboard. Although the default keyboard shortcuts are good and convenient to use, sometimes we prefer to use own customized Gmail keyboard shortcuts to perform certain tasks in […]

Jan 312011

Gmail Labs has lots of useful features which will enhance the functionality of Gmail and bring better Email experience for Gmail users. Today I would like to highlight about Undo Send Gmail labs feature for Gmail. Undo Send Gmail feature Most of the people are using Email to communicate with other people either personal or […]

Jan 202011

Gmail Labs is a portal for Google Mail apps which can enhance your Gmail experience and hence make Gmail more powerful than other Email providers. Now, the Gmail Labs has over 50 Gmail apps and it’s quite troublesome to find the labs features you want. Therefore, Gmail engineers have enhanced Gmail Labs by adding a […]

Jan 112011

Besides Google Search Engine, I spend quite a lot of time on Gmail to read emails, reply emails and of course writing emails to other friends. Sometimes, when I need to find some information from Internet, I have to switch from Email tab to Search Engine tab and occasionally I forgot what I want to […]

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