Aug 152010

Picasa is Free Photo Editor software which is categorized as free Google software. Picasa software is acquired by Google in 2004 and supports Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Linux and Mac OS X as well.   The latest version is Picasa3 and I’m amazed by its powerful functionalities as a free photo editor and […]

Aug 082010

Today, I would like to introduce another great photo enhancement feature called Make Up tool. We have learn that Photo Editor program has various photo enhancement features such as Deblur tool, Caricature tool, Lighting and other photo tools which can easily transform a normal photo into a professional photo. Make Up Tool As usual, launch […]

Aug 022010

Caricature tool is a great feature provided by Free Photo Editor. I love to use Caricature tool to create funny caricatures with special warping effects.   How to use Caricature to create funny photos Step1: Launch the Photo Editor program and open the selected photo. Step2: Press Caricature button to start creating funny photo effect. […]

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