Feb 252012

The time to submit income tax Malaysia for year of assessment 2011 is just around the corner. For those taxpayers who had submitted their income tax through e-Filing system in 2011 will find that online submission via e-filling system is easier and faster than manual keying like previously. Moreover, taxpayers who use e-Filling can rely […]

Apr 242011

LHDN (Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri) has urged all eligible tax payers to submit Income Tax for year assessment 2010 (BE Form) for individuals without business source via e-Filling as soon as possible before the deadline on 30 April 2011. LHDN reminds tax payers to provide correct information when submitting Income Tax form and all relevant […]

Mar 062011

There are many eligible taxpayers in Malaysia are having income tax questions such as how to register tax reference number, how to make tax payment and other related questions. Therefore, the customer service centre Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia had prepared a list of 5 most favourite questions from taxpayer. 1. How do I register […]

Mar 032011

Each year, March and April are the months when Malaysian taxpayers need to submit and pay income tax to LHDN Malaysia or Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia. Now paying income tax is not a difficult task because it saves time and the calculations are easy and accurate than the manual one. Therefore, most taxpayers prefer […]

Oct 242010

Every year, all Malaysian citizens who are working and earned more than RM 2500 per month will need to pay income tax via E-Filling at the range of 1% – 26% based on the Income Tax Rates 2010. What Is Tax Relief? Tax Relief is some kind of tax deduction provided by government to reduce […]

Apr 162010

The last day to submit Individual Income Tax is 30 April 2010 and I hope you have using online e-Filling system to submit the e-BE form on time so the Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia (LHDN) will not chase after you later on due to late submission. Before submitting the efilling income tax, do you […]

Mar 272010

According to LHDN Malaysia website (Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri or Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia ), with the implementation of the self assessment system for individual taxpayers in the year 2004, no more notices of assessment (Form J) will be issued to taxpayers. The Return Form submitted will be deemed as a notice of assessment. […]

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