Mar 142011

There are many useful Free Google Android apps can be downloaded from Android market. Today I would like to introduce Smart Monitor Lite Android app to help you track and control your monthly network data usage and other basic Apad Android device. Smart Monitor Lite is a handy Android app to monitor and customize device […]

Mar 012011

Apad irobot is one of the best iPad Clones where you can purchase it at around $ 150 USD whereas real iPad will cost you about $ 499 USD. However, Apad is running on Google Android OS (Free) where iPad is running Apple iOS same as iPhone and iPod Touch. From time to time, I […]

Feb 162011

Apple iPad was released in April 2010 and has been sold 14.79 million as of 25 December 2010. However, the price of iPad is starting at $499 which is a little bit expensive for me. Therefore, I want to find an iPad alternative or iPad clone to fulfill my dream to own an artificial iPad. […]

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