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I love to watch Susan Boyle sings since she first entered the Britain’s Got Talent show. Her singing talent show off to the whole world by singing the Elaine Paige’ big song “I Dreamed A Dream” and it reminds everyone in this world that don’t judge a book by its cover. She’s the singer who give inspirational spirit and positive thinking to us and I really like her attitude. Being humble all the time and hide at the back of the public, who can predict that she becomes the famous singer now.


Recently, Sussan Boyle just released a debut album that not only broke U.S sales records in first and second week with more than 530,000 copies of her album. Can you imagine that her album now still maintaning the top of the US album chart and fastest selling album of 2009 in UK chart. All these great achievements made her a dream come true, her dream is to make a record in the studio and now she makes it. As what Simon Cowell (famous ‘American idol’ judge) said “She did it her way and made a dream comes true”

Do you think Susan boile will change her attitude after she becomes glamorous now? The answer is “No” and she still remains unaltered at all. She still living in the ame house, doing the same stuffs and the only thing that changed is she becomes a professional singer and have many fans all around the world. She mentioned to the press that she don’t have any big ambitions and she would like to do good things with the huge money her earned. Susan is a truly pure lady in her mind thinking and make the whole world fell in love with her when she sings the songs.

Susan Boyle’s New Look | Susan Boyle Makeover

Let’s see Susan Boyle’s new look now and compare to the picture when she just joined Britain’s Got Talent show. Do you think she’s actually beautiful and elegant in look?


Susan Boyle – Britain’s Got Talent Stage


Susan boile – Thumbs Up!


Susanboyle- I dreamed a dream concert

The last picture below shows Susan Boyle New Look. Check it out!


I wish Susan Boyle a big success in her life and I must say your success has been a great inspiration to us. Thank you, Susan Boyle.

  9 Responses to “Susan Boyle – I Dreamed A Dream | Susan Boyle New Look | Sussan Boyle”

  1. seriously, she’s one of the most inspiring artist of the century!
    .-= theeggyolks´s last blog ..701 Panduan =-.

  2. @theeggyolks: Thanks for the comment. I agree with you and let’s vote her as the most inspiring artist of the century if got chance. :)

  3. She looks totally different and amazing.
    .-= steppinout´s last blog ..A Christmas Freebies Giveaway Collections =-.

  4. @Steppinout: That’s correct, I also feel the same way. :)

  5. She got what she dreamed. By the way, I like her voice =)
    .-= blinkky´s last blog ..How To Enable Gravatar On Your WordPress Blog ? =-.

  6. @blinkky: Me too, I love her voice as well. :)

  7. i need to admit, she have great voice.
    .-= enciktitan´s last blog ..6 Facts about Friendster Girls =-.

  8. @enciktitan: Thank you for visiting here. I also love her voice. :)

  9. susan boyle can easily hit the high notes with ease, i like her:-,

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