Jun 082009

Do you believe that finally both runners up of American Idol 2009 – Adam Lambert and Britain’s Got Talent 2009 – Susan Boyle are singing duet together. Both of them are giving rise to much controversy although they did not win the champion of American Idol and Britain’s Got Talent show but the real fact is they are even famous than the winner of both top shows in American and Britain.

Why Susan Boyle, Adam Lambert Are Famous ?

Just see what the judges comments on both of them and you will find out the truth.

Susan Boyle

After she sang ‘I Dreamed a Dream’ from Les Miserables, Piers Morgan described her as stunning and “the biggest surprise in three years on the show”.

Adam Lambert

Simon Cowell told Oprah all the nice things about his favorite Adam Lambert in “The Oprah Winfrey Show“. He said “I think he’s got that ‘it,’ and I think he’s fearless, I think he’s unique, and he’s got swagger.”

Runners Up Duet Performance

Let’s watch their performance.

Please share your thoughts after watching the duet performance by Susan Boyle and Adam Lambert. Enjoy!

  25 Responses to “Susan Boyle, Adam Lambert Singing Duets | Runners Up Songs”

  1. Hello Lee! I have heard about Susan Boyle, and was wondering is “she” wasn’t a man. I don’t know where I saw it, but it seems I fund a man face simillar to her on TV…

    Benjamincip’s last blog post..Today Is My 25th Birthday!

  2. @Benjamincip: Hi,Ben. Susan Boyle is an ordinary woman but owns magical angel’s voice. You can search through youtube and will see her in Britain’s Got Talent show. If you happen to see the man again(resembles Susan Boyle), let me know ya..:)

  3. I like Susan Boyle. She’s really amaze when she sing =)

    blinkky’s last blog post..Human Calendar For Your Blog

  4. @blinkky: I Like her singing as well despite of her ordinary look, she got the real talent in singing. I think she’s the inspiration for everyone.

  5. Her voice is very amazing but it isn’t my kind of music.

    Benjamincip’s last blog post..Free Design Products Contest

  6. @Benjamincip: You’re right, she got the really amazing vocal and humble look. Many people were surprised when she sang the songs. :)

  7. Thanks for the useful info. It’s so interesting

  8. @JamesD: Great to meet you here and hope you enjoy the reading too. :)

  9. Adam Lambert has great voice and his showmanship is superb. for me, he is already a winner because of his superb performance.

  10. @bodydetoxdiet: I totally agree with you, bodydetoxdiet. Adam Lambert is a winner already for his excellent performance. :)

  11. Susan Boyle has exceptional voice. I wish i had a voice like her.

  12. @melatoningirl: Yes, I agree with you. She’s having a incredible voice and it’s a gift from God.

  13. Susan Boyle has a good singing voice but it is not only the voice that counts if you want to win a singing contest.

  14. i voted on Adam Lambert in the show American Idol. for me, he is the best contestant in that show.

  15. the voice of Susan Boyle is phenomenal and for me she is a great performer. too bad she was unable to make it to the finals.

  16. @Razel: I agree with you and I love Susan Boyle’s voice as well. Although she’s not the winner of the show, but she had inspired lots of people.

  17. Adam Lambert is a very talented singer and i admire most of his performance. i wish that he had won the contest though.

  18. @Caramoan: During American Idol contest, Adam was the best singer in this season. He’s very unique and born to be a star.

  19. Adam Lambert is a very good performer, me and my boyfriend voted for him on American Idol. So many in the business have really noticed Adam. Given his talent, I would guess Adam will be someone many will want to work with, but he is a highly creative artist and won’t slip into someone elses shoes for long.

  20. Susan Boyle has a superb voice. Me and my sister like her performace a lot and we voted for her.

  21. @jenn2: I totally agree with you. Adam Lambert is the best performer in American Idol’s history. He Rocks!

    @Taylor: Susan Boyle is a humble person and I love her voice too.

  22. yea susan has such a beuatiful voice, I loved when she performed ‘i dreamed a dream’. My entire family and I saw that show and my mother cried in happiness. I am very happy with her singing :)

  23. Susan Boyle has a great voice, if she only look good then she could have been a fast rising star. the music industry is also like showbiz, somehow you need to look good if you want to become famous fast.

  24. @original site: I was amazed when she sang “I dreamed a dream” at Britain’s got talent 2009. Just love it!

    @Kendra Smith: Great voice + Great Looking. She will be the hottest singer beating Adam Lambert. :)

  25. Adam Lambert should have been the winner on american idol, he is very talented and is a great performer but he did not win.

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