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Each year, March and April are the months when Malaysian taxpayers need to submit and pay income tax to LHDN Malaysia or Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia. Now paying income tax is not a difficult task because it saves time and the calculations are easy and accurate than the manual one. Therefore, most taxpayers prefer to use online e-filling to submit their tax return forms electronically via the internet. Besides, this LHDN e-Filling service is available for FREE.

As mentioned on official website of Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri Malaysia, e-Filling system for individual/Partnerships and employers (e-BE, e-B, e-M, e-E and e-P) is available starting 1 March 2011.

Deadline to return e-filling form 2011

Year of Assessment 2010

Type of e-Filling Deadline
e-BE (Individual Resident – Business with no source of Income) 30th April 2011
e-M (Return form of a Non-resident individual) 30th April 2011
e-B (Individual Resident – Statement of Revised 108 Balance) 30th June 2011
e-P (Partnership Return Form) 30th June 2011
e-E (Return form of an Employer) 31st March 2011

During the preparation of income tax report, you need to know about Malaysia Income Tax Rates for assessment year 2010. Below is the table of Individual income tax rates for year 2010 from LHDN website.

malaysia income tax rates 2010


All eligible taxpayers are encouraged to submit the income tax forms earlier as you might not want to experience the heavy traffic at the last minutes. Therefore, the fastest method to submit your income tax form will be through online e-filling.

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