Jun 012011

Sometimes, my eyes will get tired after reading too many emails or web pages for a long time on PC screen. Therefore, I was thinking if I could find a text to speech or text to voice software to convert text to MP3 or WAV audio files and then listen it with my Nexus S phone. Now I found the solution to convert any text into audio files – 2nd Speech Center.

2nd speech center

2nd Speech Center is a powerful text to speech software that can open and read various file types such as word file (.doc), PDF (.pdf), Email (.eml), RTF (.rtf) and HTML files.  The best feature that I love is converting text file into audio files. Just click on Speak icon and select Speak to File to save the text into MP3 or WAV file.

convert text to voice

What languages can be supported by 2nd Speech Center?

2nd Speech Center program currently support American English, British English, Spanish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean and Russian. In the default settings, it does not include Chinese voice in the voice settings. However, you can download and install Microsoft Simplified Chinese or other free voices from official website. Once installed new voices, you need to restart the program before using them.

enable simplified chinese voice

Other Features of 2nd Speech Center:

1)      Useful toolbar plug-in for Internet explorer users

2)      Supports over 11 languages with multiple male, female and robotic voices

3)      Talking alarm clock and talking reminder

4)      Powerful command lines for advance users

5)      Customize hotkeys

Special Offer to Money4Invest Readers

Great news to all Money4Invest readers! You are entitled to get 25% discount to purchase 2nd Speech Center from today until June 25, 2011. Click the below special order link to be entitled for 25% discount instead paying for original price ($39.95)

special discount

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