Jun 062011

After restoring back online from the massive outage of Sony’s PlayStation Network which had been compromised by group of hackers that leaked out millions of user’s personal information, Sony has decided to compensate all its customers by providing free games, movie, themes and DLC for download on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable devices. The compensation package is called “Welcome Back Program

sony welcome back package

Sony Welcome Back Program Details

Since the Sony PlayStation Store is back to normal now, all PS3 owners who had signed up before April 20, 2011 will be offered to download 2 free games from the 5 games available. These games are Dead Nation, infamous, Little Big Planet, Super Stardust HD and Wipeout HD+Fury. On the other hand, PSP owners can select to download 2 games from the following 4 games such as Little Big Planet (PSP), ModNation Racers, Pursuit Force and Killzone Liberation. That means if you have both PS3 and PSP devices, you will get total 4 games (2 games on PS3 and 2 games on PSP) which can be keep and play without any limitations. These free games are available to download until July 2, 2011.

Not only that, you are giving 1 month free access to PlayStation Plus which includes various games, discounts and exclusives. The normal subscription fee is $49.99 for 12 months and you are able to download games and its related content, purchase discount items and get early access to demos and full game trials. Therefore, just sign up for PlayStation Plus account as it’s free of commitment and the account will not automatically renew after your 30 days access.

In addition, PlayStation Home will offer 100 virtual items package to all PSN users from Central Plaza Kiosk, 2 personal spaces (The Dragon’s Lair and Mansion Garage) and a new free exclusive game called Ooblag’s Alien Casino which will be released in this June.

playstation home welcome home package

Photo credit: Sony

PSN users may encounter error messages or issues during downloading free games due to massive traffic on PlayStation Store. Should you need more clarification on PSN Welcome Back Program, kindly visit PlayStation blog and leave your comment there.

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