Oct 082010

Singapore Airlines had announced that Internet WiFi and mobile phone connectivity will be equipped on its Airbus A340-500s, A380s and Boeing 777-300 ER models in year 2011. The internet connectivity on board has been introduced by Singapore Airlines with its Boeing 747-400 aircraft in year 2005. By year 2011, Singapore Airlines will be the first Asia carrier to offer internet and mobile phone connectivity on flight. The internet and mobile services will be available for long-haul flights only.

singapore airlines internet access

Singapore Airlines has not decided to enable voice calls in the beginning stage and only text message service will be available. In my opinion, if more passengers demand for the voice calls services, I think Singapore Airlines might enable the voice call feature in the future as well.

Can you imagine that all the passengers use their laptops, ipads, mobile phones, smart phones such as iPhones and BlackBerry devices on the flight as if they are still at their houses or offices. No matter you are on the sky or land, you are being connected with each other with in-flight connectivity service. Don’t be surprised when your friends chatting with you over the Facebook or Twitter while they are on the flight.


I think the Internet Wi-Fi and text message services on the flight are good enough for people to stay connected with their friends or family members. However, I don’t quite agree if the Airlines finally allow people to use mobile phone voice calls on the flight.

It’s going to be noisy and annoying when you don’t stop hearing people’s phone ringing and talking loud over the phones. Anyway, I hope Singapore Airlines has taken all necessary cautious and steps to ensure the flight’s safety and no conflicts between flight signals and phone/wireless signals.

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