Oct 302009

Are you boring with Google Search Page ? Do you want to customize your search page but still using Google Search Result? If your answer is YES, then you will love to use Shiny Search. Shiny Search or Shiney Search is a simple customize Search Page powered by Google Custom Search.

Let’s browse to www.shinysearch.com to customize your own search page.


There are plenty of styles that you can choose from the drop down list. I choose Theatre style and the name is “Money4Invest“. Please see the below image.

shinysearch-theatreAfter that, press “Create Custom Homepage” and my customized Google Search Page version is created immediately. Isn’t it cool ? Besides, you will notice a few useful menu which are Check Email (Yahoo mail, Hotmail, Gmail, AOL), Friends (Friendster, Facebook, Twitter…), News (Google News, BBC,…), More (Youtube, MSN, Wikipedia and lots more) therefore, you can access those useful website with one click and without remembering the website URL.


Besides you can select various background and customize it as your own search page, the generated search result page is actually same with Google Search Result. Just use it as normal plain Google Search Engine and it will show you all Google Search Results.

shinysearch-search result

Set Shiny Search as HomePage

If you are happy to use ShinySearch.com as main homepage, then you may be interested to set it as your main homepage. Just click set as homepage link and the instruction will guide you how to set as homepage no matter you are Firefox users, Internet Explorer, Safari or Chrome users.



For Firefox user, kindly see the below screen to set the shiny search as homepage.


Simple Steps To Remove Shiny Search As Homepage

1) Clear the browser cookies

2) Reset browser homepage back to the website that you are choosing.

3) Done.


Shiny Search is an easy customize search page which provides various background for you to suit your style and makes your search result more interesting.

In my opinion, we should target the product first. If we know the product well, then we can post our review on the product and how it performs actually. People keen to see the review from trusted person who actually using it to convince them to buy the product. Therefore, target the product instead of people will help you to achieve success in no time.

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