Aug 102010

I have been searching from internet the free SMS Sites that can send free SMS to Malaysia but all the websites that I found were not able to send free SMS mobile to any of Malaysia operators such as Digi, Maxis and Celcom.

Finally, I found a Free SMS Site that can send Free SMS to Malaysia. The site’s name is

text4free send free sms

Firstly, you need to choose ANY Malaysia Provider from the drop-down list as shown above. Then it will redirect you to another page which is shown as below.

send free sms to malaysia

It’s quite simple to enter the mobile number; the form is auto fill with the number 0060 (To Mobile) and (From Mobile). Therefore, you just need to enter the rest of the phone number. For example, I used Digi phone number (016xxxxxxx) to try and I did receive the SMS message (36828) at once. I was excited to find a new free SMS website but to my disappointment, the SMS message wrote in Malay language “lee telah menghantar anda teks untuk dibaca, hantar ‘TXT MESEJ 2533174’ ke 32088,  Kos RM 10.

Oh my goodness, I need to pay RM10 just to view the message? That’s too expensive for me and why I need to pay RM10 or USD 3.17 since it’s a free SMS website. I wondered why no Free SMS Website is providing free SMS to Malaysia users anymore? Do you know any of Free SMS Sites that can send free sms to Malaysia? Please share with us. Thank you.

  7 Responses to “Send Free SMS to Malaysia | Free SMS Sites”

  1. Nice to know that you have a service like that on your country.

  2. Well, the only FREE SMS site that can send to all Mobile in Malaysia is at I have tested digi, maxis, u-mobile, celcom all work. Don’t look anywhere anymore.

    • @Alicechia: Thanks so much for the Free SMS site. I just signed up to the website and it really works for Digi phone. Cool!

    • @CK: Thanks for the suggestion and this is a great finding…I tried it and it’s working…You will have 20 free credits for one day usage (1 sms = 1 credit). It will top up again at 12am everyday…

  3. Thanks..Alicechia..ur information really trustable..It really work..Amazing!
    It’s hard to find such a free way to communicate.Help a lot during emergency time.No credit at all.Besides,its free and easy to access..Thanks again.Such a good network service.God bless..:)

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