May 022011

Last April, I had posted an article about AirAsia increases some extra service fees such as super-size baggage; pick a seat and convenience fee to AirAsia passengers but still maintaining the current fuel surcharge.

However, I was disappointed when I saw an announcement posted by AirAsia on Facebook that AirAsia will be introducing fuel surcharges effective 3 May 2011 for all domestic and international routes. The fuel surcharges ranging from RM10 to RM30 for AirAsia routes (AK, FD, QZ flights) while long haul AirAsia X will impose higher fuel surcharge from RM 50 to RM90 for AirAsia X routes (D7 flights).

Kindly refer to the below AirAsia Fuel Surcharge table for better overview:

airasia fuel surcharge 2011

From the above table, you can clearly see that all domestic flights in Malaysia and international flights under two hours will be charged RM10 (one way) but AirAsia X passengers will need to bear more fuel surcharge depending on destinations. For AirAsia X passengers who are going to Taipei, Chengdu, HangZhou, Seoul, Tianjin, Delhi and Mumbai, you need to pay RM 50 fuel surcharge, RM 70 for Melbourne, Gold Coast, Perth, Tokyo and Tehran; RM 90 for Paris, Stansted (London) and Christchurch.

According to AirAsia spokesperson, the main reason to reintroduce fuel charge is to offset against the escalating jet fuel prices (US$140 per barrel). However, she also mentioned that this will be a temporary solution and AirAsia will continue to maintain the lowest airfares in the world.

How to avoid paying AirAsia Fuel Surcharge?

Yes, you can avoid paying it if you book your flight tickets before May 3, 2011. No fuel surcharge will be imposed at all. Therefore, hurry up to book your AirAsia tickets from today till May 3.

My Two-Cents:

If you can still remember, AirAsia had abolished the fuel surcharge in November 2008. Although fuel surcharge is a bad news to all AirAsia passengers but I believe AirAsia will abolish this fuel surcharge policy again after the jet fuel price back to normal. Let’s don’t forget AirAsia famous slogan “Now Everyone Can Fly”, I hope AirAsia will continue bringing cheaper air tickets to passengers in the future.

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