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Before reading the review of heroes season 4 episode 7 – Strange Attractors, I have to warn you that this review is just my own opinions after watching the Heroes show. If you haven’t watch the heroes Episode 7 – Strange Attractors,then please don’t read this Heroes Season4 review as it is considered spoilers. In contrary, if you have watched the show and would like to read some synopsis regarding heroes season 8, I welcome you to read and leave your valuable feedback here.

Heroes Season 4 Episode 7 – Strange Attractors

Sylar continue to disturb Matt’s mind and sometimes takes over Matt’s body temporarily. I can feel the painful of 2 voices in one head and it’s a kind like Angel and Satan’s voice appear in your head at the same time.


Jeremy Greer had been locked in police station and unable to release due to Sheriff says that Jeremy is a troublemaker to the town and they will not release him till the investigation done. Then Noah calls Tracy to rescue Jeremy by disguising as his aunt. But unfortunately, Jeremy was killed by police officer who chained him and use truck to drag him to his death. Here, I
feel very sad about Jeremy because he used to be a good person who can heal people but due to the improper planning and good control of his power, he became the killing machine instead of savior. I wondered why Noah not asking Haiti guy (the one that can wipe out the memory) or Matt Parkman to rescue Jeremy because they can manipulate people’s mind and easily rescue him.


On the other hand, Gretchen and Claire were tied up and blindfolded willingly by Rebecca and her sorority sisters to a slaughterhouse to join a scream scavenge hunt and the winning team can avoid the hell week and sit out to watch other team.

The invisible Rebecca finds the chance to trap Claire by throwing hook and chain at Gretchen, luckily Claire managed to save Gretchen from injury and at the same time she realizes that someone else is playing with them. Rebecca attacks Claire using a hook then Claire manages to grab a hook and swings it, the hook cuts Rebecca arm and everyone sees Rebecca turns visible and
invisible again. At the same time, the other two girls see Claire injured and hanging on the hook but the wound heals at once.

What will Claire and Gretchen do in the next?

Matt thought that he has beaten Sylar by alcohol but he’s obviously wrong because Sylar actually very smart and waiting for right moment to control over Matt’s body. When I watched till the scene where Matt bites an apple and smiles cunningly, I wonder what will happen in the next coming episode 8 – Once Upon A Time In Texas. How’s the war between Matt and powerful
Sylar? Will Matt beats Sylar successfully or Sylar completely control over Matt’s mind and body?

In Heroes episode 8 – Once Upon a Time in Texas, I can foresee most of the scenes will be Hiro’s romance with Charlie, the love of his life. Do you think Hiro will be able to save her from the death? If yes, will there be any other incidents happens when Hiro try to save Charlie? You never know what will happen in the next and that’s why I love to watch Heroes.

Let’s watch a sneak peek of Heroes “Strange Attractors” Season 4 Episode 7.

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  2 Responses to “Review of Heroes Season 4 Redemption – Episode 7”

  1. The worst episode in season 4 so far. :P

  2. Jayce: What makes you think that it’s the worst episode in season 4 so far? This episode I feel sad to see Jeremy died and a little confusion between the war of Sylar and Matt.

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