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Heroes Season 4 Episode 8 – Once Upon A Time in Texas just aired on TV this early November and it’s time to write some recap and review about this episode 8.

Before reading the review of heroes season 4 episode 8, I have to tell you that this review is just my own opinions after watching the show. If you haven’t watch the heroes Episode 8 – Once Upon A Time in Texas,then please don’t read this review as it is considered spoilers. In contrary, if you have watched the show and would like to read some synopsis regarding heroes season 4, I welcome you to read and leave your valuable feedback here.

Heroes Season 4 Episode 8 – Once Upon A Time in Texas

First scene we see Hiro standing at the window of Cafe in Odessa Texas 3 years ago. To be more concise, it’s the day before Peter save the cheerleader – Claire at homecoming. Hiro sees Sylar walking to the cafe wearing a black cap.
At the cafe, Charlie is chatting with Sylar and Sylar discovers Charlie’s special talent. Noah is in the restaurant talking over the phone with his wife Sandra. Just a while, he is called away when he gets a phone call regarding Isaac and his paintings.


Samuel give a warning to Hiro that saving Charlie is not as easy as stopping the spill that had kept his sister and Ando apart. Samuel asks Hiro whether it is really worth and Hiro says Yes. Therefore Hiro’s saving mission begin, he freezes the time just before Sylar is about to kill Charlie. Hiro realizes that if he saves Charlie now, his past self will never travel back in time to save Charlie. If that thing happen, it means their love affair will never happen. Smart Hiro thinks of smart idea to trick past Hiro thinking that Charlie is dead so past Hiro will still saving her no matter what happen.
Samuel advises Hiro to take care of past Ando because if past Ando does not know how long past Hiro return, then the Peter will not ever have chance to save cheerleader. Till here, I would like to say that if you did not watch Heroes first season about the future Hiro and another future Hiro (with sword), then you might be confused what is happening right now.

So, if you want to better understand the whole storyline, take some time to watch Heroes Season 1 again to refresh your memories. As predictable, Hiro’s plan works and Charlie falls in love with Hiro and Hiro suggests they could run away together. Charlie chooses Japan and begins to remember the Japanese history. Her sickness comes again and she’s almost die. Hiro has no choice but have to seek for Sylar’s help, they make a deal that Hiro will tell Sylar about his future and Sylar will help to remove the sickness (aneurysm) from Charlie’s head.

Charlie is safe but unhappy as she feels that they have cheated fate and she blames Hiro to let Sylar go and kill other people. Hiro says that he would do anything for love. Here I have to say the power of love is amazing and even the hero like Hiro also breaks his own rule.

After dealing with Sylar, Hiro have to make a deal with Samuel again because of Charlie. Samuel asks his dying friend, Arnold to trap Charlie in somewhere. Samuel wants Hiro to travel to the past to undo some happenings if he wants to rescue Charlie.


In this Heroes episode 8, you will see Charlie and Hiro kissing each other and I think it’s a classic scene for Hiro and in this episode. It’s Hiro’s first love and he’s serious in love. So, what do you think about this episode 8?

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  1. Luckily this episode story line is better than the last one. Else I will stop watching Heroes already. ;)
    .-= Jayce´s last blog ..PIKOM PC Fair 2009 (III) Venue and Date =-.

  2. Jayce: Haha, I would not stop to watch this episode of Heroes because I want to see how Hiro saves Charlie and their romantic story. :)

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