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In 2008, PTPTN had started to reduce administration fee from 3 percent to 1 percent. However, there are around 800,000 PTPTN loan borrowers are still paying 3 percent administration fee instead of one percent until today. Therefore, many National Higher Education Fund (PTPTN) loan borrowers are complaining about this issue because most of them are still paying the old rate (3%) for administration fee. They also complaint that PTPTN is pretty slow in solving the payment issues and although PTPTN will give you a rebate if you pay lump sum, but they will give all sorts of excuses to force you the full loan and interest.

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In order to permanently resolve the problem, Higher Education department has introduced the Ujrah scheme to all PTPTN loan borrowers recently to expedite the process of changing 3% PTPTN administration fee to 1% administration fee. For your info, the existing administrative fee of 3 percent is calculated based on monthly principal balance. Therefore if you do not pay the fee according to repayment schedule, the payment to cover for the principal will not enough. The new Ujrah scheme will impose 1% fee on corresponding repayment period.

How to pay only one percent PTPTN loan administration fee?

PTPTN is in the process of changing 3% loan to 1% Ujrah loan in stages. In order to expedite the process, all PTPTN loan borrowers are encouraged to update your info in the Ujrah update website. You can view the Ujrah process schedule as shown below:

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The Ujrah scheme process flow is divided into a few stages:

1)      All PTPTN borrowers to update their info in Ujrah website

2)      PTPTN will process all eligible PTPTN loan borrowers

3)      PTPTN will release an offer letter to all eligible PTPTN loan borrowers via email.

4)      PTPTN borrower to send back the offer letter to PTPTN via register postal.

5)      PTPTN to adjust the administration fee from 3% to 1% to all eligible PTPTN loan borrowers.

Important notice when updating information at  Ujrah website

1)      Please use internet explorer 8 or Mozilla Firefox version 2 or above browser to view the website.

2)      Ujrah scheme is only applicable for those PTPTN borrowers who have yet to settle their loan on 1 Jun 2008.

3)      A special link will be sent to your email so that you can fill in the necessary information to enjoy Ujrah scheme.

4)      You must ensure all the information given by you is correct before pressing (Teruskan) button. All the sent registration could not be amended at all.

PTPTN Hotline Phone Number:

Should you have any questions about PTPTN Ujrah scheme, please contact PTPTN hotline at 03-2080 4455. PTPTN operating hours is between Monday to Friday except public holidays from 8am till 5 pm.


I hope the long standing un-resolved PTPTN payment issues will be solved permanently after the implementation of Ujrah scheme.

  3 Responses to “PTPTN Offers Ujrah Scheme | How to Pay One Percent PTPTN Fee”

  1. Isteri saya ada baki hutang 800.00 lagi dengan ptptn.So, macamana nak mohon ujrah.

  2. Kenapa saya masih tidak dapat email dari ptptn untuk permohonan ujrah.Saya sudah daftar dan malangnya masih tertunggu-tunggu dari tarikh 1.12.2010 hinggalah sekarang.WHY!!!!!!!!!!

  3. @AZMAN: Kindly refer to PTPTN Ujrah FAQ here. (http://www.ptptn.gov.my/gateway/docs/FAQ-UJRAH2.pdf) or contact PTPTN Hotline at 03-2080 4455.

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