Mar 072011

Last week, I had upgraded this blog to the latest WordPress 3.1 and the process was smooth without problem. However, I found out that my blog looked weird the next day as most of the blog layouts were all messed. All the ads banners were scattered around and the Adsense ads were gone as well. At first, I thought the blog was hacked by hackers but later I found out that it’s actually caused by WordPress 3.1 and WordPress plugin – WP Super Cache.

WordPress 3.1 and WP Super Cache are not compatible?

I tried to deactivate all WordPress plugins and re-activate back them one by one. Everything was fine until I activated WP Super Cache newest version, my blog was messed up again. Therefore, I tried to revert back to previous version of WP Super Cache which was fine when my blog was still in WordPress version 3.0.1.  To my surprise, this time the blog still in mess; therefore, I deleted WP Super Cache and installed W3 Total Cache plugin but still having the same problem. Finally, I had to make my decision to roll back to the WordPress 3.0.1 again. When I revert back to previous WordPress version 3.0.1 and WP Super Cache, everything is normal now.

How to Downgrade or Revert Back to Older WordPress version

roll back wordpress

Normally, we used to upgrade WordPress to the newer version and it’s easy to do it within a few clicks. However, WordPress does not offer you a button to downgrade the WordPress. Here’s a few steps to downgrade WordPress version and I assume that you have already backup the WordPress database before doing any major changes.

Step 1: Use a reliable FTP client such as FileZilla to delete the files in your hosting server. Here’s the tutorial post for you to learn to use Filezilla. Do not delete WP-Content folder and wp-config.php file. You can also login directly to Cpanel server to delete the files.

Step 2: Download WordPress 3.0.1 or other older versions of WordPress from WordPress Release Archive page. Use Filezilla to upload all the WordPress files (example: WordPress 3.0.1) except wp-content folder to your cpanel server.

Step 3: Once the uploading done, you can login again to your WordPress and it will request you to upgrade WordPress database, click Yes to upgrade WordPress database and now you are using back the previous version of WordPress again. Double check your blog and make sure everything works perfect.


I love WordPress version 3.1 for the new enhancement features such as internal Page linking but I have no choice but to roll back to previous version of WordPress and WP Super Cache Plugin.

Are you facing the same problem like me? How do you solve the problem? Kindly share with me in the comment below.

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  1. Thanks for this article it helped me a lot to downgrade to 3.0.5 after 3.1 created some mess on my blog.
    Thanks again

  2. Thank you! You helped me with this tutorial!

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